How Don Ressler Turned JustFab into a Giant Lifestyle Brand

Don Ressler is a well-known entrepreneur in both the fitness and online marketing world. His ambition is unparalleled, which breeds a Midas touch that sees him turning any new venture into profit within a few years. He is currently the co-CEO of JustFab and Fabletics, and it has been an exciting adventure to get where he is today.

Entry into Business

Ressler has always been a crusader for healthy living, thus it didn’t come as a surprise that his first company was named He had a bigger dream of expanding his company, so he made the intelligent move of partnering with Intermix Media, through an acquisition in 2001, to boost its online presence through advertising.

Meeting His Business Partner

It’s at Intermix that Don Ressler met his long-time business partner Adam Goldenberg. They both discovered a common interest in online performance advertising, so they formed a co-owned company named Alena. Alena became a successful venture generating millions in revenue and even becoming the funding point of Intermix. Soon enough, a challenge arose when News Corp acquired Alena.

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Launch of an empire with Adam

Seeing how Alena was now receiving little to no attention from the media, Don & Adam decided it was time to pack bags. They had long discovered the importance of media publicity to the growth of a company, so they decided to form Intelligent Beauty. This was the parent company that saw the duo invade the fitness and beauty world with such force, a lot of their rivals never managed to recover in the competition.

Through Intelligent Beauty, Don Ressler and his business partner launched DermStore, an online skin care & cosmetics store. As one would expect, this store did well, and is still giving Ressler and Goldenberg the motivation to launch another online store, SENSA, which catered to their fitness clients. SENSA went on to gain popularity so large that it even won over $43 million in funding from Angel investors.

Launching JustFab

And just when their competitors thought they had reached their peak, Don and Adam went on to release another surprise move. They launched JustFab, the 3rd company for Don that retailed exclusive active-wear to the corporate clients. Don’s vision for JustFab was to see the world where people felt relaxed in their gym clothes even when holding an executive meeting at the office.

JustFab became the talk of the day at one time grossing over $85 million in profits. In 2011, JustFab managed to raise over $33 million in funding, both from private investors and the parent company Intelligent Beauty. With a funding pool to back them, JustFab went on to carry a number of acquisitions, in a bid to expand territories, absorbing rivals like ShoeDazzle (online shoe subscription service) and Fab Shoes (European shoe company). Don Ressler is also the brains behind Fabletics, again a company co-owned with his business partner Adam Goldenberg.

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Venture Capital Funds Forces Handy to Consider Profit Margin

There are many situations that can be described as ironic. One of these moments has to be the debacle Handy found itself when their source of income, Venture Capital, forced them to restructure their business plan. But the two co-CEOs of Handy reasoned fast to stop their dream project from sinking in the current economy.

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were always visionary business people, right from the dormitory they shared at Harvard Business School. They came up with an idea of starting an apartment cleaning NYC company to meet the on-demand gap they identified in the market. Sure it was going to be a successful business, especially when they knew what their immediate move was: crowdsourcing venture capital funds.

Their efforts bore fruits and in abundance. was able to raise over $2 million in VC funding which they injected into expanding the business. Profit margins were not a major concern at the time as they focused more on growth as well as invading fresh or saturated markets. Their ambition was ruthless, as they saw competitors like Mopp & Exec bowdown to an acquisition by Handy. Hanrahan and Dua were the unstoppable duo in the Silicon Valley—or so it seems.

The red flag started waving when their only competitor, and a large franchise, Homejoy, opted out of the game. There were rumors of Venture Capital funding dropping, but Handy was already enjoying a capital inflow valued at $110 million. Then the worst happened, Venture Capital had to shut down the mindless funding for on-demand ideas.

Handy finally felt the pinch and the two CEOs had to act fast to save their company. Hanrahan saw the solution in automating internal services to reduce the cost of labor. This is where the idea of virtual onboarding was birthed, and though his business partner, Dua, was against it, they implemented it anyway. The result was disastrous: employees resigned from Handy when they saw their jobs threatened.

This was a PR disaster for Handy but the two CEOS learned some valuable lessons. Never forsake profit margins for rapid expansion, and don’t rely too much on investor capital and always think through your ideas carefully before implementing them.

Sam Tabar Teams with the FullCycle Energy Fund


Sam Tabar is someone who totally understands the fund management profession. He has achieved great success in the world of fund management as evidenced by his most recent professional accolade. Sam Tabar is now the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the FullCycle Energy Fund.


The FullCycle Energy Fund is quite an interesting endeavor. Not too many people would be moved when the word “garbage” is associated with a fund, but things are a bit different in this instance. The FullCycle Energy Fund embraces garbage and hopes to turn the refuse into fuel, with Sam taking a chief role as COO.


The fund supports technology intended to turn garbage into fuel. The hope here is pollution and the negative effects of climate change are reduced while newer, cleaner, and less-costly energy sources are produced. Capital has to be raised in order to achieve such a goal, which is why a fund has been created. The fund can only succeed if competent management is overseeing the fund. This is where the extensive experience of Sam Tabar comes into play.


Sam Tabar has solid experience working in the finance world. Previously, he acted as the Head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch and worked closely with fund managers. This alone qualifies him for the uniquely targeted nature of working on the FullCircle Energy Fund with other members of the fund’s team.


Prior to entering the world of venture capital and financial management, Tabar attended Columbia Law School. His professional resume is filled with accomplishments in the financial field. Both his educational background and professional experience make him an asset to any venture he joins.  Sam had some interesting things to say about what Brexit will mean for his company, and for America.  Read that on his SlideShare page.


Todd Lubar through the years

The fact that Todd Lubar is one of the most influential leaders in business is indeed undisputed. The journey of the exceptional man started in 1995 when he started developing interest in real estate business. It did not take him a lot of time to realize that he really liked this field and wanted to spend the rest of his life working on it. When he was starting out, he learned about the conservative mortgage banking model. He realized that it presented endless opportunities for him. This was followed by a decision to make a network with players in the business such as real estate brokers, CPAs, financial planners and other players. This was the best idea he had come up with because these people really helped him when he started his referral business.
The first thing that he did was to get a referral with the legacy finance group. This is what helped Lubar be in a position to attain the capital he needed to develop his business. His business model included brokering mortgage loans to clients that needed them, just like the mortgage lenders do. There are countless transactions that he made using this model and these included single family homes and properties that were meant to house many people.
He did all this when he was still dealing with his real estate referral business, He started a lending firm that was under the supervision of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. This put him in a position to greatly expand his business. In the next couple of years, Todd Lubar had completed more than 7000 transactions and had dealt with almost all loan situations that one can think of.
Other businesses that he has dealt with include a demolition business that has seen him demolish some of the largest buildings in the country. Another investment that he made was recycling of scrap metal and was also a huge success. He has had his ups and downs as an investor, but the one thing he maintains is his light. After retirement, he has settled down in Bethesda with his wife and two children whom he loves spending time with.

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Bernardo Chua: Success Starts With A Vision

Before Bernardo Chua has started up the successful company of Organo Gold, he has worked as a small time employee. While working his regular job, he has gotten a vision for a new business venture he could start. However, Bernardo Chua was not looking for financial independence with his new business plan, he was actually looking to bring about a healthier world.

He has noticed a certain herb that has a lot of health benefits. The herb is known as ganoderma. He wanted to spread knowledge about this herb throughout the globe. He figured one of the ways to do this is by selling it within a beverage that people love to drink. This beverage is called coffee.

According to TheStreet, Bernardo Chua has mixed in the herb with his coffee in order to sell it in various markets. He has spread awareness of his coffee company with the help of independent distributors and marketers. This is very helpful for the company because there is a lot of market about ganoderma.

For one thing, when people consume the health benefits that come with the herb, they are more likely to experience the effects that it has on their bodies right away. For one thing, people will have more energy to carry out their activities.

Bernardo Chua was also very assertive about expanding his business to different territories so that more people could get a taste of the herb that is bringing about some extra health benefits. Among the territories he has expanded his award winning company to is Turkey, which is one of the most significant moves he has made.

This move is actually significant for many different reasons. One reason for its significance is that Turkey is the home of the original coffee house. This move was also made at the time when Turkish people were getting more interested in an active lifestyle.

Bernardo Chua is showing that he has a great sense of timing and philanthropy with the company and products he his revealing to the world. While coffee is one of the most consumed beverages, it would be great to make it among the healthiest as well.  Check out Bernardo on his Facebook for more about Organo Gold and his philosophy.

How EOS Claimed Millennials From the Chapstick Diehards

Who remembers, “Guys, do you have any Chapstick I can swipe?”. Today, that has been updated to, “Hey, who has an EOS?”. This generational switch can easily be attributed to the amazing growth of the company within the past 7 years, a relative newbie on par with popular national names like Chapstick and Blistex.

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder, explained that in the beginning, their goal was to remain focused on producing quality goods and distributing them. Over a decade ago, Mehra connected with a pair of start-up incubators who saw potential in the burgeoning cosmetics market. Quick research told them that lip balms had been largely unchanged since hitting the shelves and that any newcomers were more concerned with cutting cost to drop tag prices than creating quality products. The team started focus testing and quickly realized that while most lip moisturizers were marketed as unisex, many of the daily users were women. They collected detailed preference reports on this newfound demographic, hoping to design a product to delight these recently discovered customers. Their end result was a wearable that indulges all senses as you apply it, many claiming it truly is “The lip balm that makes you smile.”.

These features meant instant popularity for EOS lip balm, bringing up a whole new issue: How to match the fulfillment needs for all these new fans. Luckily, from the early days they had worked with engineers to design an almost fully automated system, which allows them to meet demand as new accounts are acquired. EOS lip balms are available as a multi-pack on eBay, Walmart or ULTA in which case you can blend and match different flavors.

As EOS continues to grow, they point their focus on millennials, using YouTubers, social media, and brand collaborations to draw in new fans every day. If the next seven years are as delightfully innovative as the first, we’ll continue to expect great things from Evolution of Smooth.

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Highly Successful Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a financial service focused on assisting clients to acquire funds and to grow their portfolios. This usually involves stock and bonds transfer. However, it can also include investment capital as well as wholesale corporate acquisitions. The work in this sector is usually handled by highly trained bankers that are the financial marketplace’s elite participants. These bankers are in demand for their consulting, advising services and their ability to execute transactions.

Investment bankers offer advice about mergers and acquisitions, track the market to find the best way to manage public assets and when public offerings should be made. While private brokerages give companies buy-and-sell advice, investment banking offers more nuanced services. Their advice enables companies to make better in-house decisions. These services are particularly valuable to small business and companies lacking robust financial services divisions. Investment banking can benefit sellers and buyers of corporate assets.

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment advisor. Considered one of investment banking’s smartest minds, Lustgarten has been involved in the field for decades. A citizen of both Austria and Venezuela, he has helped his clients to thrive by making them aware of international investment opportunities. He monitors several markets and is able to alert his clients to emerging trends giving them the chance to rake in large profits.

Lustgarten is known for being thorough, hardworking, knowledgeable and intelligent. His global portfolio enables his clients to rapidly grow their wealth. His extensive training and vast experience helps him to create and build lucrative portfolios for his clients. The CEO of the Florida based investment banking firm Lustgarten, Martin, he is known for providing well-researched advice and unmatched guidance. Lustgarten has a reputation for being very attentive to his clients to ensure they are well aware of the most lucrative investment opportunities that suit their needs as well as long and short-term goals.

He offers sound investment advice to corporations, funds, governments and quasi-governmental institutions as well as wealthy individuals. Lustgarten has been able to get his many clients excellent returns on their investments. Many investment bankers see Lustgarten as a role model.

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Malini Saba Pursues What She Wants And Stands Up For Her Beliefs

I am someone who wants to live a certain life. I also believe that ti is possible for one to live the life that he or she wants. Malini Saba has proven that it is possible for one to lead that life. Malini had a dream that she believed was possible. She did not want to be resigned to living a life that is lowly. For one thing, she does not believe in limiting herself to her place or a low paying job. She believes in her right to more than minimum wage. At the same time, she does not just sit around and complain about her situation. She instead looks for where she can get a better life and pursues it.


Malini had an intense desire for independence and being a huge influence to women. Therefore, she has used it to work towards the goals that she wanted. As a mother, she also wanted to be a powerful influence on her daughter. She is very passionate about teaching her daughter some very important lessons about independence and persistence. Given her example, Malini will easily instill that into her daughter. She is willing to make sure that her daughter is able to keep that success going for her life.


I myself believe that one should not just be resigned to a life that she is not satisfied with. It is important for people to at least go out and go after what they want. People should not let the fear of failure control them. For one thing, the worst thing that could happen in life is if they decide not to go after what they want, then sit in bitter misery. As a result, the only chance they have at their own validation is in telling others they can’t go after what they want and that they should live the same mediocre life that they themselves is living. When someone goes after what he wants, even ultimate failure may be more satisfying than just not doing anything. This is why it is important for anyone to try and make the life he wants.


Exploring Gratitude With Help From The Kabbalah Centre

Gratitude is an important concept. People of all backgrounds and age groups look to help become more centered in their lives and find how to be more grateful. The use of this concept allows people to reflect on their lives and see how they can find meaning inside. Those at the Kabbalah Centre do their best to show others how they can tap into this ideal and use it to find ways to be better people. They look to ancient texts for an understanding that can be hard to find in the modern world. With their help, many participants in kabbalah study have been able to reach inside and find why it is that they are grateful for the things in their own lives.

Being Thankful

As they teach people, the texts that were written then offer us a sense of how all people can locate the all important ability to see the good in their own lives. With their help, they look to explore the very notion of being grateful and show what it can mean in the lives of the people who study with them each week. Thanks to their efforts, many people have found that gratitude should come from within to have true meaning. They urge people to look away from the surface and consider the very concept of gratitude means that being grateful isn’t just about getting things but being aware of what is already given inside.

Learning From Masters

When studying with the Kabbalah Centre, those who study here can learn such wisdom and how it can apply to their lives. When they think of concepts like gratitude, they can come away with a greatly changed worldview that helps them see the world as a better place and understand their own power to make it even better. Making the world a better place is the surest way to help people feel as if they can be a part of something bigger and more important in their own lives. They know that learning such concepts can help expand their own lives and increase their self confidence.

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Don Ressler’s Success Demonstrates the Power of Leverage in Entrepreneurship

Partnership in business can go a long way to expanding the potential of entrepreneurs. This is best exemplified in the success of Don Ressler, the current CEO of Intelligent Beauty. Ressler is an experienced and successful entrepreneur who has an eye for business trends. He is well versed in growing businesses and his resume boasts of a series of successful startups. was his first successful startup, which he later sold to Intermix Media.

The Power of Partnership

Ressler’s business acumen is demonstrative of the value of leverage in the business. Don Ressler has partnered with Adam Goldenberg on a number of successful ventures. After he had sold, Ressler partnered with the then Intermix CEO, Adam Goldenberg and together they founded Alena Media. Alena Media was an e-commerce and advertising division of Intermix on Pando, which raked in hundred millions of dollars in revenue for the company. However, in 2005, Intermix was acquired by News Corp, which totally ignored Alena Media.

Borrowing on each other’s strength in regards to performance advertising online, Don Ressler and his partner created Brand Ideas, which they later on called Intelligent Beauty. Ever since then, Intelligent Beauty has given birth to companies such as DermaStore, which is an online cosmetic and skin care marketplace. There is also Sensa, which is a weight loss system. The third company, JustFab was launched in 2010, and it is a successful subscription e-commerce retailer of fashion. JustFab brands include FabKids, which is a subscription service for children fashion; FabShoes, which is a shoe fashion e-commerce site; and Fabletics, which is an athletic wear e-commerce website.

The success of these online ventures on has not blinded Ressler from the customers who still prefer to do their shopping in physical stores. In answer to this, JustFab has opened numerous flagship stores where their products can be purchased. Apart from just availing the products physically to the customers, Ressler seeks to translate the robust community that they have built online into their stores. In this way, Ressler intends to embody the spirit of each community into their stores’ artwork and design.

Partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions, using the existing technologies is what sums up Don Ressler’s success in business. Together with his partners, Ressler has managed to build a number of successful businesses on the concept of e-commerce. They have come up with online retail solutions that make the shopping experience not just easy, but also stylish and engaging.

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