US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Plans To Eliminate The Penny Amidst Billionaire George Soros Warning Of An Impending Financial Market Crisis

Even as Billionaire financial George Soros warns of an impending financial market crisis, the president of the US money reserve Philip Diehl discussed on the effect of the US penny and whether it is too expensive or it will press for inflation. The US money reserve is the largest and most trusted distributor of gold, silver and platinum coins to the US government.

Diehl who is the former US mint director, in an interview with enterprise radio as written by Entrepreneur podcast network, discussed issues concerning the pennies on the market and the verdict of using gold coins. The company president is regarded as the most influential and powerful US Mint directors ever by the company. This is attributed to several implementations such as creating the famous 50 states quarter program and launching the first ever government-issued platinum coin for the US.

He has some advice to anyone who will come across a penny and think of picking it up, not to do so as its worthy has depreciated, according to a recent radio interview. Diehl has plans to abolish the penny because it is costing more to make than it’s worth. His move is similar to the one he tried to do while the director of the US mint. The Mint Company lost a lot of money producing pennies of gold, silver and platinum whose worthy were less and He does not want to experience the same with the US money reserve. Even with fears that eliminating the penny will distort prices and create mild inflation, Diehl reiterated the claims saying there is nothing much to that assertion.

He claims it is an argument that has been seen for the last 25 years by thE penny lobbies that are after maintaining the penny. He stated that most of the transactions nowadays are done through electronic forms.

Diehl has been very successful since his time as the director of US Mint Company, where his first initiative was developing a multi-year customer refurbish. Among his legacies at the company includes being at the forefront in fashioning the 50 states quarter program that become the most popular and most triumphant coin program in the US, launching the Sacagawea dollar and the first platinum coin of the nation. All these efforts contributed to the annual increase in profits for the Mint Company from $ 450 million in the first year for Diehl to $2.5 billion in the year he was leaving the company as the director.

Apart from heading the US money reserve, Diehl serves under the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) as a board member.

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HCRC Staffing – Brian Torchin’s Successful Recruitment Company indicates that Brian Torchin is a health care professional with many years of experience in the industry. He is a chiropractor who has also studied sports medicine and physical therapy. He continues to practice as a chiropractor, but also has a business that he has built from the ground up called HCRC Staffing.

HCRC Staffing is a health care company specializing in professional consulting and medical staffing. The focus on recruiting the best experts with the most experience for each position available. They have over 18 years experience in the industry and strive very hard to find suitable staff for your company. Their professional consulting business consists of a highly specialized legal team that is available to answer any questions that may arise with your business. The medical staffing team set out to match credentials with a perfect match, and you won’t have to pay unless you choose your employee. If you’re looking for office staff such as a billing manager or an office manager, nurse practitioner or even a chiropractor, they will ensure to find the right employee for your business. There are many other positions available that they offer to fill such a medical doctors, dentists, physical therapists and many more.

HCRC Staffing provides rigorous and extensive phone interviews for potential employees and then proceed to scheduling the interviews for the business. You then have the opportunity to select the best option for your business.

HCRC offers convenient hours so that you’re able to reach them should you have any questions at all. They have a very large database of active health care professionals that will fit much of the criteria that you’re looking for. Brian Torchin, who is the president of HCRC and it’s associated Twitter account, has spent many hours building his recruitment business to ensure that the proper health care professionals get placed in the right positions. One of his goals is to focus on customer service and to generate good work ethic employees for the job. With many years of education and health care experience, you will find HCRC Staffing to be one of the best recruitment companies on the market. They are detailed, reputable and have a great report from many business transactions. The company is based in Philadelphia but HCRC Staffing works in all 50 states. It also has business operations in Asia, Canada, Europe and Australia.

If you’re looking for the best health care professional and you’re not sure where you can find them, contact Brian Torchin at or call to speak with one of their stand by customer services representatives. HCRC Staffing recruitment will ensure that they find the best employee and match for your business and if there are ever any questions, they are readily available to help you with your needs.  Check out one of Brian’s motivational Vimeo videos, to see where the business is going next.

The People’s Bank Of China Has Cut Interest Rates To Record Low But George Soros Thinks A 2016 Meltdown Is Coming

George Soros likes to talk about investing and world affairs. Soros is interviewed by magazines and newspapers constantly, and he doesn’t disappoint when it comes to telling it like it is. One of his recent interviews was with after a world meeting in Sri Lanka. Soros, the 85-year-old billionaire, didn’t pull any punches when the subject of the global economy was brought up. Soros has been talking about a 2008-like meltdown for a couple of years, and he told that China is going to be the instigator that could make that meltdown a reality.

China has been the shining star in the emerging market category for years. China kept the other BRICS nations alive by importing resources and materials they needed in their manufacturing based economy. But China’s manufacturing sector started to lose steam in 2012, and by 2014 manufacturing in the Red Country was in a state of disrepair. Labor and material prices increased and their export business suffered.

Millions of dollars of reliable manufacturing business was taken away by other Asian countries that have a cheaper labor force and cheaper raw materials. China reduced the amount of goods they imported from other emerging markets because of their mini manufacturing revolution and that put several emerging markets in recession mode. Mr. George Soros saw it coming and predicted that the situation in China would get a lot worse better it got better, and it appears he was right.

The Chinese government is trying to solve their internal issues, but the steps they are taking like manipulating their currency and lowering commodity prices is adding fuel to the brewing economic crisis, according to Soros. One of the other issues that is causing stock markets to lose equity is the major sell-off that occurred in the Chinese stock market in January. The government closed trading twice in the first three weeks of January in order to keep the market from losing even more value.

George Soros believes the Chinese situation is worse than reported, and if the European Union collapses under the strain of the migration crisis, the global economy will take a severe beating. Soros says that beating could be worse than the 2008 meltdown. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is up 13 percent because of these issues.

According to a post by, George Soros thinks that Russia aggression toward Ukraine, Britain’s threat to leave the European Union, the Greece financial debacle, the Euro’s fluctuation and the migration crisis support the theory that 2016 will be a meltdown year for the global economy. It’s hard to disagree with Soros. He has a track record of being right, and investors around the world are listening to him.

Predictions For The 2016 Real Estate Market In New York City

The real estate market in New York City for the new year is expected to have some major changes. Ari Harkov, who is one of the leading real estate brokers in New York City, has offered several insights that he believe will play a major role in shaping the New York City real estate market in 2016.

The first and largest factor that will influence the real estate market in NYC will be the slowly rising interest rates. High rates have a downward effect on the prices of housing listed on the real estate market. Sellers will have to adjust their listings appropriately to reflect the changing economic conditions. Buyers on the other hand can take advantage of the lower prices if they can afford it.

A second factor will be the the new developments that are set to be completed in 2016 and available for sale. Many luxury developments are nearing completion and are expected to be ready for sale some time this year. This should keep the luxury condo market in New York City relatively stable and strong.

The market for houses, apartments and co-ops in less desired locations outside Manhattan for example is expected to decline. The real estate market is secondary and tertiary neighborhoods is often highly tied into the market for prime real estate locations. When the market in prime real estate slows, it has an effect on the second and third choice neighborhoods. With a drop in prices in the prime locations and less competition, buyers will be more focused on prime locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan and second choice neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens will see a decline as a result.

There are many real estate firms based in and around New York City. The Big Apple has seen dozens of real estate agencies come and go, but Town Residential has not wavered or faltered even during economic downturns. Town Residential has quickly developed a reputation for NYC Luxury real estate as being the leading real estate company in securing luxury apartments for buyers and closing sales for sellers.

Town Residential unique approach is that every customer is treated with the utmost care and attention. It does not matter if you are looking to lease a townhouse for a few months or looking to purchase a multi-million dollar condo, Town Residential will work with you during every step of the way. This approach combined with an extremely skilled and courteous staff is why Town Residential is consistently ranked as being the best luxury real estate firm in all of New York City. If you are interested in reading more about the future of the real estate market in New York City, you can read this article published on the NY Daily News.

White Shark Media Is Not Afraid To Be Listed On Yelp

White Shark Media is an online marketing and web design firm, but they allow themselves to be listed on Yelp for customer reviews. The utter confidence that White Shark Media has in its products and services is apparent in their listing on Yelp, but the company uses their reviews to offer even better customer service. White Shark Media is not satisfied when a customer is unhappy, and they check their reviews every day to ensure everyone has a good experience. This article explains how White Shark Media creates a better consumer experience using reviews from Yelp.

#1: Why Use Yelp?

Yelp is the most popular service review site on the Internet today, and people use Yelp every day for a variety of purposes. White Shark Media wants to be listed in a place where anyone may leave a review, and they are confident that they can respond to complaints from their customers easily. Yelp offers an opportunity for White Shark Media to respond, and they prefer to work with unhappy customers to solve problems that have arisen.

#2: How Does White Shark Media Communicate?

White Shark Media prefers to update its clients regularly, and they work with people who need the details on every service. White Shark staff members are happy to explain their services to a client, and the clients who need consistent updates may make appointments with their White Shark staffer. The updates and information offered by the White Shark staff will continue even after a complaint is lodged. The company does not stop until a customer is happy.

#3: The Complaint Resolution Process

Customers who have complaints will have someone from White Shark work to correct the problem as quickly as possible. Any issue with White Shark as a company may be resolved quickly, and White Shark will ensure that the problem does not happen again. Their commitment to excellence in customer service is apparent when they deal with customers who are not pleased with the service they have received. White Shark believes that all customer deserve to receive the service they paid for.

#4: Retaining Customers

White Shark Media wants to retain as many customers as possible, and they believe that their customer service program helps retain customers who may be dissatisfied. They want to help customers get past their issues quickly, and White Shark Media takes full responsibility for anything it has done improperly.

The best way to create a new website or marketing plan is to work with White Shark Media, and the company provides its customers with the finest customer service in the industry. Everyone in the marketing world must deal with consumer complaints, but White Shark Media has the best plan for help upset customers.

Is the European Union on the Verge of Demise?

George Soros is one of the top financiers in the country. He is a financer of some of the most wealthy men and women, and he has recently informed the world that the European Union is on the “verge of collapse.” This collapse is said to be caused from the recent migrant crisis. Soros believes that the situation is not being handled well, especially due to the number of increasing migrants, and refugees, that have traveled to the region during the year of 2015. Soros believes that the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, could be the solution to solving this problem before it gets too out of hand.

Chanellor Merkel was the leader in facilitating the reaction to this crisis in Europe. Merkel opened Germany to those that had come from the Middle East. By making this decision there then became a change in the recent policy. Soros stated in an interview that he was okay with, and even commended, this move made by Merkel.

Soros warns on CNBC those in the European Union that there may be many things in the near future that they should be worried about. According to Soros, past history with the Greeks has taught us that Europe has a pattern of moving from one crisis to the other without really solving any problems. Many know this pattern as “kicking cans down the road.” Soros believes that Merkel was correct in thinking that this migrant crisis would be a threat to the European Union. He believes that with a lot of hard work, the union has a chance to be restored to the way it was previously. Soros thinks that the people of Germany have the highest chance of assisting with the repairing of the Union.

Alex Stubb is the Finance Minister of Finland. Stubb also has his own opinion about the situation. Stubb believes that Germany’s current policy is the most humane thing to do right now, but the most important problem at hand is that the freedom that the European Union has worked for is now threatened. Stubb also states that the free movement of money policy is also under attack so the basis of the integration are now falling apart. If there is not a strong basis then the union will not be able to be held together.

Koch Disappointment Leads To Open Banter On Issues

Disappointment is a fact of life that we all must deal with at some point in time. When speaking of the Koch brothers and politics it is always something that they must deal with. It seems, as reported by the Guardian, that Charles Koch has once again attempted to throw his hat into the political arena.

His attempt has once again been thwarted. This has not dampened his enthusiasm for theb political sector though. He has sent a list of issues that he feels are important for the parties to address. He is still awaiting anyone from either party to make a mention of any of these issues.

Charles Koch is not born into a political family. He is a businessman of a very large and successful business. He and his brother are worth many millions of dollars. They are the children of immigrants and understand needing to work hard to pull onesself out of grim situations.

His dissapointments in terms of the next election in 2016 do not stop with his not being considered a contender for the Republican party. He is disappointed in how many candidates are talking about instilling programs that would detrimentally hinder our fundamental freedoms.

Other candidates are proposing actions that would not necessarily hinder violent terrorist actions overseas and here in America. One such action is blanket bombing. He feels that this behavior will unduly harm civilans and therefore cause more harm than good. He states that an atmosphere that will instill fear for the terrorists will be a more appropriate response.

On this note, Mr Koch feels that the military should leave the middle east. He states that they are essentially ineffective and are not helping those of us at home in feeling safer or more secure. He actually states that the feelingof safety has actually dropped in the time that our military forces have been stationed there.

None of these issues are effecting his willingness to donate to the Republican party. He has pledged over 900 million dollars to the campaign to aid the Republicans in getting the word out and securing the White House. While Koch may not be soon elected to any public post he is giving a new perspective to what should be addressed and why.

For now he is a valuable contributor to not only the finances of the Republican Party, but also to the open discussion on what matters to the American people.

Read the full article here.

Handy, HomeJoy And Your Mother-In-Law

You need a house cleaner and you need them now. Word has just come through that the mother-in-law is on her way and will be staying with you. As if that is not enough to stress you out, your mother-in-law is ultra picky. She will complain that ‘the house smells funny’ and ‘can’t you do something about this dog hair?’ Your first thought is that the dog was invited into your home and she wasn’t. However, she’s family and you have to be nice, so it’s time to call the professionals. You dial up HomeJoy only to find they are no longer in business.

Oh no. Now what are you going to do? You could clean the home yourself, but when would you find the time? Truth is, even if you did clean it yourself, your mother-in-law would complain. No, you have to use a professional for this job. Luckily, you have heard of Handy. Handy Home Technologies is known for sending out professional cleaners. These people know how to find dust bunnies hiding under beds. They can clean those ceiling fans and scrub those toilets. The house will smell clean and fresh.

Setting up a cleaning is easy. Check out Handy’s app and put a card on file. Then, list what time you want your job started, what area the job is located in, and how many rooms you need cleaned. Handy will take it from there. And with a year as big as Handy’s (receiving $50 million in funding and hitting the one million booking mark) you can’t find a better cleaner out there.

Qualified contractors will see the listing. Knowing the area and starting times will allow them to decide whether they can do the job or not. When they accept the job, you can expect a wonderfully clean home. They can expect prompt payment for their services. Everyone is happy. Well- everyone except your mother-in-law. She will not be happy because she will have to look elsewhere to find something to complain about during her visit. Handy Technologies has saved the day!

Supporting Police Efforts In New York City

The police have a hard job to do. They are often misunderstood y the general public and usually attacked for tactics that reporters do not understand. It is refreshing that many are now coming to the forefront and beginning to support officer across he country.

Keith Mann is one such supporter. He and his wife have donated lunch to their local precinct a number of times to show their support for the officers who put their lives on the line every time they report to work. Philanthropist and business owner, Mr Mann has also attended many rallies that are held to show support for police and their families.

Mann began a hedge fund in New York City to aid college students with finding and procuring a job after they graduate. He also donates a significant amount of money to charities in order to help better life in New York. Mr. Mann has a direct connection with the police force for his uncle is a detective within the NYC ranks.

Keith Mann and his wife believe that more appreciation should be shown for the tough job that police have to perform every day. These individuals go through extensive training to deal with situations that most of us will never have to come into contact with.

Policing is a tough job that someone needs to do. Helping the police to perform their duties and showing appreciation for the job that they do is the least that the citizens can do for them. Follow Keith on Twitter and Vimeo to stay up to date on his ventures.

Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign Supporting Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a brilliant dentist who has traveled the world to help people who are less fortunate, and his newest GoFundMe campaign was made for Operation Smile. The campaign sends all its money to Operation Smile, and Dr. Weisfogel plans to go on more trips to support the charity in the future. This article explains how Dr. Weisfogel is using crowdfunding for the benefit of people who cannot afford dental care.

#1: What Does GoFundMe Do For Avi?

Avi Weisfogel was able to open a crowdfunding campaign for his favorite charity with just a few clicks of a button. Crowdfunding pages are easy to start, and each page on GoFundMe only requires an owner, a charity and an account to keep the money. The pages may be created at any time, and users may write their own statements for the donors.

#2: Why Does Avi Care About Operation Smile?

Operation Smile is a charity that uses mobile units to reach out to people who cannot afford dental care. The mobile units drive into communities that are disaffected, and everyone who need dental care may visit the mobile unit. Dr. Weisfogel has worked with many different dentists on the trail, and he has created a reputation for himself in places where he has visited. Many of the people in these communities want to work with Avi, and Operation Smile is happy to have him.

#3: How Simple Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is simple for everyone who wants to donate. Donors may visit the pages at any time, and the pages will accept donations from anyone who is willing. There are many different people who have donated to GoFundMe, and these sites are easy to share online. Social media pages are filled with many different appeals for funds, and the links for every crowdfunding page are right there for users to click on. Social media helps spread the word, and social media is a place where Dr. Weisfogel wants to make the biggest impact.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a respected dentist in North America, but he has expanded his work to other parts of the world with help from Operation Smile. Operation Smile is reaching out to people around the world who are in need of dental care, and the campaign ensures that people who are in need of the most basic dental care receive that care from the most seasoned professionals in the dental world. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his campaign.