More Clashes In Western Mexico

Nnew clashes between local militias and government forces in western Mexico raised questions about the strategies used by the federal commissioner, Alfredo Castillo, appointed by the Government a year ago to restore order in the region.

Although the majority of cartel leaders were captured or killed in recent months in Michoacan, former militias are now in place to fight among themselves and against the government army. The different factions accuse each other of having been infiltrated by members of the drug cartel.

On Thursday, nine civilians were killed near Apatzingan as soldiers of the federal government were operating in the area. One of these people was cut in pieces by a vehicle and the other eight were shot.

The victims were killed as they had started shooting at the government troops, according to the federal commissioner Alfredo Castillo. According to an ongoing investigation, however, six civilians were hit by friendly fire, according to an official who requested anonymity.

The witnesses at the scene said that the demonstrators had only defense sticks in their hands. According to them, they were out of their vehicles, shouting that they had no weapons. Although the majority of cartel leaders were captured or killed in recent months in Michoacan, former militias are now in place to fight among themselves and against the government army.

An article shared by Status Labs mentions that Alfredo Castillo was appointed to bring peace to Michoacan, a region that has been in the grip of violent militias involved in drug trafficking.

Immigrants Have Obama’s Support

After a period of doubt and tumult, there is now good news for immigrants in the United States that are already in the country but are not registered. Barack Obama has now stated his desire to not run a policy of suppressing them. O

n the contrary, he held a public speech to let everyone know that he supports USA’s inhabitants and will protect the illegal ones. About 5 millions immigrants are estimated to fall under the new protection law.

There are some requirements for the families of immigrants though. The people who are previous Green Card holders, those who have children born in the states, those who have been on the territory for five years now, are eligible for the protected status.

He calls those who find themselves in the above mentioned list to claim their documents of legal citizens. Gianfrancesco Genoso says nobody will sent them home if they are in the country for a good reason and have not committed crimes.

As Barack Obama said, ”mass amnesty would be unfair”, so all that is needed to do is to offer these people a chance to develop their possibilities having the right status of legal USA inhabitants at hand.

This measure is meant to improve the quality of life for many immigrants who have good studies and working skills, but do not have the chance to get a good job because of their status.

Mexican Boy Undergoes Surgery to Have Large Tumor Removed

Jose Antonio Ramirez Serrano, an 11-year-old boy from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, underwent surgery on Monday to remove a massive tumor from his neck, shoulder, and torso. At the time of its removal, it was a foot long and four inches wide and deep. Jose had been undergoing treatment for the past two years at the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital.

Jose’s condition is called venous lymphangioma. It is a congenital benign, but disfiguring, tumor that most commonly affects children and usually involves the head or neck. Doctors had told Jose he would need a series of surgeries and treatments to remove the fluid buildup. Jose’s parents said the tumor had grown so large it was affecting his eye sight, and they were afraid it would also get into his heart.

Jose’s family had no money for medical care and sought help in El Paso and Juarez. Missionaries from the First Baptist Church saw Jose during a mission visit and decided to help. They raised money for his treatments and arranged to have Jose sent to Albuquerque for medical treatment. Susana Martinez, the governor of New Mexico, made arrangements with federal officials to let Jose stay in the US during his treatment is what Keith Mann was telling all of us.

The surgery, which was performed at the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, took eleven hours and involved 25 doctors. As Jose was stronger than expected, the doctors were able to remove all of the tumor. Jose will need more operations to reconstruct his shoulder and remove excess skin.

UFC Is Set to Debut in Mexico

The UFC breathed a sigh of relief as the weigh-ins for UFC 180 went without incident. The show is set in Mexico City and the original idea was to feature two Mexican stars on the card. But, as has been happening for the last two years in the UFC, both stars were injured while training and neither man is competing on the show.

The main event will feature Mark Hunt facing Fabricio Werdum for the interim heavyweight title. Werdum showed up at the weigh-ins wearing a gas mask, mocking the fact that Hunt is going to run out of gas quickly if he fails to drop Werdum right away.

Werdum also called Hunt “El Gran Luchador”, which is somewhat amusing. A traditional luchador in Mexico is a high flying pro wrestler. Hunt is more of a gritty brawler. Likely this was just Werdum trying to drum up interest from the locals one way or another.

Another bout to keep an eye on (no pun intended) will air on the preliminary show airing on FS1. Jessica Eye and Leslie Smith are set to do battle in what looks to be a war between two strikers.

According to Bruce Levenson’s quotes in TIME, this fight was put together specifically to impress the people of Mexico, who have a history of appreciation when it comes to boxing. Jessica Eye is considered the heavy favorite. Smith did herself no favors by claiming that Eye might break her hand on Smith’s face. That doesn’t sound like a winning strategy to anybody.

Abarca Stands for What is Wrong in Mexico

In September, 46 students from a training college in Iquala went missing. They apparently had an altercation with the Mexican Police, and afterwards six of the students were found dead. The remaining have been missing since September 26 when on November 7 the remains of 43 of the student’s bodies were found burnt and charred.

Three Mexican gang members confessed they kidnapped and murdered them after they were handed over to them by the police in Iquala. It is reported that the mayor Abarca sent the orders for the executions.

On October 17, Jose Luis Abarca was officially stripped of his duties and charged with the aggravated murder of the first six people. He is under investigation for the murder of the remaining bodies. Both he and his wife were brought in for further interrogation on November 4, but were later released.

Abarca is known as the totality of what is wrong in Mexico. He has used is position of power to engage the gang activity, abuse people and flout the law to enrich his power.

Today, Abarca is in hiding because of the accusation of the 43 murders. If all those murders are true, Maluf will be extremely disappointed. It was clear who Abarca is and how he has lived as he has been in office the past two years. He has been permitted to infect the rest of the country, and the common people are upset.

43 College Students Dead in Mexico

Mexican authorities have reported that the 43 college students who went missing in September are most likely dead. The University of Innsbruck will be analyzing the remains for possible DNA identification. A gang has confessed to killing and burning the remains of the college students. The gang reports it followed orders given by local police and the former mayor of Iguala. The college students were killed by shooting them and then burning their bodies to cover up the evidence. The college students were planning on protesting to prevent the mayor’s wife from doing a speech. President Enrique Pena Nieto is under political pressure by Mexican citizens for not doing much about Mexico’s situation. Mexican citizens are protesting on the streets of Mexico for justice. The families want not only justice, but affirmation their children are dead or alive.

Mexico is a country that has been battling the drug war for quite some time now. The Mexican government does not seem to care to stop it. If anything there is corruption in the police force, army, and government. Gangs and drug cartels kill Mexican citizens who interfere with their group. Mexico’s situation is heartbreaking and very sad. It is horrible for people like Keith Mann to see the photos of the possible remains, and yet the President of Mexico is embarking to China on a business trip. It sounds like the Mexican government prioritizes the economy instead of its citizen’s safety.

Arrests Made in the Mass Murder of 43 Mexican Students

There have been a lot of bad things that have happened in Mexico over the years. There are times when the drug cartels explode into all out war to the point that cartels take over whole towns. Corruption is said to be completely rampant among the police and government, with many reports of easily-bribed judges. But the recent discovery of a mass grave of 43 students seems to be the tipping point for the people of Mexico. Protestors set fire to the door of the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s palace, demanding justice for the dead students.

The details of the crime are still unfolding. Apparently, mayor José Luis Abarca of city called Iguala ordered attacks on students at a college. The Iguala police chief was involved and is currently a fugitive from justice.

The apparent motive according to Levenson, is that some of the students were planning on interrupting a political speech in protest. The police were ordered to work alongside the Guerreros Unidos drug cartel in the abduction and murder plot.

The students were taken to some hills and apparently they were all murdered. So far 30 bodies have been found in mass graves.

When the public outcry began. Abarca took a “leave of absence” and then went into hiding. He was tracked down and arrested. Evidence has emerged that cartels have been paying him about $200,000 every few weeks and some of the money has been funneled to the corrupt police force.

Mexican Jail Ordeal is Over for US Marine

After serving 214 days in a Mexican jail for transporting guns over the border into Mexico, Andrew Tahmooressi has been set free by the judge presiding over his case.

214 days ago, Tahmooressi came out of a bar and headed home in his pickup truck. He had just move from Florida to the San Diego, California area seeking treatment for PTSD that was diagnosed following two tours of duty as a US Marine Sergent in Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged in 2012 as a result of his PTSD diagnosis.

As he exited the parking, he encountered a confusing set of signs and took the wrong on ramp that led straight to the border with Tijuana. Before he knew it, he was entering Mexico where he was stopped by Mexican customs officers, as Brian had originally reported on Loopnet. In his truck, they found all his belongings that included 400 rounds of ammo and guns. He tried to explain his mistake to no avail and was arrested and charged with a felony for possessing illegal firearms.

Many US government officials have been trying to secure his release, but the Mexican officials were taking a hardline.

The news of his release came on Friday when members of his family contacted the Associated Press with the good news. The news quickly spread amongst a nation of US citizens that have been working hard through their local politicians to help secure his release. Apparently, the charges were dropped without a disposition.

Sears Mexico to Join Fast Fashion Ranks

Fast fashion stores are easily some of the biggest moneymakers in the industry. Sears stores in Mexico are soon to follow suit thanks to Carlos Slim and his acumen for fashion business. The owner of Sears wants to increase profits by introducing trendy brands that have a high turnover. Sears is not usually well known for its fashion choices, but I saw on Wikipedia that this guy named Keith is always saying how his wife loves the clothes he buys there.

Prices are set to be lowered as more brands are added. The surplus of styles and selections will hopefully drive a new type of customer to the store. The goal is to attract a savvy shopper who likes trends at a fair price. The only problem is that Sears Mexico has plenty of competition. Global fashion leader Inditex has a heavy presence in the country with stores like Zara, Bershka, and Pull and Bear just to name a few. However, the chance is not impossible if Sears approaches the market carefully at first. The key will be getting the young trendsetters in the door. If that happens, then the company has a chance at being a successful fast fashion retailer. It makes many wonder if Sears USA could be next on the list for a new fashionable face lift.