Most Edited Wikipedia Articles in 2016

Wikipedia editors can create or make a Wikipedia page that will itemize services or products according to a company’s specifications. The editors of Wikipedia have an online reputation for writing and editing with citations being the most critical of the writing elements. It fills pages with references, facts, stats, examples, sources, quotes, links, and photos…to name a few. It’s full references are documented. Hiring Wikipedia editors from the Wikipedia writing and editing service for your company will not only bring in more browsers to your official site, you’re business will gain valuable customers. Thus, Get Your Wiki will enhance your business’ online presence to it’s fullest potential.

Wiki editors assisted with an era of fake news
Wikipedia editors edit pages thoroughly with the abilities to fine-tune text in it’s entirety. Wiki editors also monitor and edit if your company is tampered with making your company have a negative connotation. Also, Wiki editors will translate in another language if needed. Some examples that editors have done most recent, for instance, are editing pages online. These pages are from websites that publish “fake news.” They’ve become extremely popular. For instance, it’s entries claim that certain celebrities have passed away. With Wikipedia, editing articles such as those types, either fake or negative, were critical to the company’s original owner or individual it effected. In an era where most people believe everything they read, fake news or news that isn’t truthful can lay a huge amount of loss in dollars and sense. It’s become dangerously in demand now that editors go back to certain sites to fact-check, edit for consistency, such as grammar, syntax, names corrections, years…to name a few. It’s a powerful marketing tool which can grow any business and online presence.

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your business
A Wikipedia editor might be more important than ever today. With a little assistance in creating or making a Wikipedia page, watch your company’s site rise in viewers when it comes to ranking analytics. Even the official Google website gets assistance from the Wiki editors. With editor(s) being so busy during the month of December; they had “nearly 1,000 edits to..[fake] sites” and Wikipedia editors helped. They are in demand and so should your business website. With the knowledge, experience, and education they have, you wouldn’t want any other editing your company’s pages.
With the main source for those seeking to get their pages or website edit, “Get Your Wiki” editors have helped out tremendously to get pages in structured order, and right! Get Your Wiki is the main source for your editing needs. Personal branding for businesses and individuals wanting to get established should go to the experienced knowledgeable Wikipedia experts. Nevertheless, they’ll be the ones to end your headaches.

The benefits of Get Your Wiki will also enhance your business or individual’s online presence with pages created by professionals that love what they do. In fact, the Wikimedia Foundation topped $80M in the needed donations to keep the site up and running. After all, editors do need to eat too, and with the amount of editing that’s done, you’d be surprise as to how many pages get edited every year since Wikipedia has been established in 2001. With digital companies popping out from left to right, the needed donations for the Wikimedia Foundation topped $80M.(Source:

With George W. Bush’s article to have the most edits of any article, and in the history of English, including for the history of the site, it has more than 45,862 revisions at last count. More so, the deaths of 2016 were also the most edited articles insofar. It toppled 18,230 times; some of those included, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, John Glenn, Janet Reno, and Prince who passed away and needed much editing in their Wiki pages. In political news, Donald Trump’s page was the second that had to be edited numerous times. At last count, it had 8,933 edits (as of Dec. 21st). There’s a probability Trump’s pages will be edited in the near future since he has been elected president. (Source:

Finally, getting your editing done by Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki will not only help you out in providing the professional writing services a company’s owner or individuals need for their online presence, they need it to be factual and reliable. With the state-of-the-art tool that the organization that runs Wikipedia has, it’s has developed the Objective Revision Evaluation Service tool that has two troubleshooting objectives: 1. is taking care of the editing problem that can be made on Wikipedia. These mistakes can “damage the quality and credibility of the encyclopedia.” Another is taking care of the problem which can discourage the new contributors that can make “bad edits, yet with good intentions.” (Source:

In this fast driven digital world, the correct information and data needs to be correct and factual along with it’s sources and correct citations. Whatever you need, the editors have a long line of experience and knowledge in various writing skills. To keep up with the digital world, it’s needed. Besides, without these professionals, there’s no way that people are going to go back to the old bookshelves filled with Britannica that are outdated, and dusty.

Get a Wiki editor for your website pages. You want to be correct, don’t you?

Wengie “Get Bigger Boobs” video

In this episode of Try It Wengie, our host Wengie tries the Bombshell bra from Victoria’s Secret to see if it really does make a huge difference in visible cleavage. She starts by showing the inside of the bra cups, which are heavily padded on both the side and the bottom, and notes that this is different from traditional bras in that it’s not just padded on the side. She compares the Bombshell bra with an unwired bra to show the difference between an “everyday” bra and this garment. She notes that the Bombshell bra comes in a variety of designs.

Wengie compares the two bras under three different outfits- a lowcut shirt, a t-shirt crop top, and a spaghetti strap tank. She shows each shirt from the side and the front so we can get a better idea of how the bras change her shape. With the low cut shirt, the cleavage is noticeably more with the bombshell bra from the front, but the side profile is a bit pointy and high. Wengie does note that this may be because of the way she’s wearing it. In the t-shirt crop top, there isn’t much difference from the front, but from the side it’s very noticeable and looks much fuller with the bombshell bra. In the spaghetti strap tank, it’s the most noticeable.

Wengie finishes by stating that she does like the bra but probably wouldn’t wear it every day- just when her outfit needs a little extra cleavage oomph. She ends by stating that the bra claims to boost your cleavage by two cup sizes but states that she doesn’t really know what that means (do any of us?)

Why George Soros Is Reflecting On This Year

The Rise Of The Right
Unfortunately for George Soros, 2016 was a good year for conservatives on Time. Throughout the West various right wing figures and movements saw support increase and in several countries, chiefly the United States, the right saw shocking victories. Donald Trump is now the president elect of the United States, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, and there are even growing movements for other European Union countries to follow suit. Much of this success at is the result of the rise of nativism in the West. Rhetoric expressing deep dissatisfaction with immigration and changing demographics is finding ears.

Sure Fire Predictions Did Not Come True
As a hedge fund manager, George Soros is a big fan of finding the most accurate predictions he can. With so many polls appearing to indicate certain victory for liberals it was easy to turn a blind eye towards the potential of the right to gain the upperhand. Most polls predicted Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton and most polls predicted the Brexit vote on Biography would favor staying in the E.U. However, in both cases conservatives staged a win.

The Left Did Have Some Victories
George Soros didn’t have a completely disappointing year in 2016. Some of his causes, particularly justice reform and European migrants, were successful. Focusing on the southern United States, where the majority of America’s prison population resides, George Soros contributed heavily to the campaigns of district attorneys looking to change the conventional approach to criminal justice. Although most of the candidates had never heard of George Soros, he was able to have a massive impact on their success. Additionally, Soros was a major contributor to the aid of migrants in Europe. With the donation $500 million euros, Soros intends to help migrants start up business in their new homeland.

The Left Needs To Stage A Comeback
The major successes of conservatives has forced Soros to change his approach to politics. Although he was previously demoralized by the victory of George W. Bush in 2004, Soros does not plan to back down after the victory of Donald Trump. George Soros is currently working with the Democracy Alliance, an organization consisting of progressive donors, to find a way to defend the progressive legacy. If George Soros manages to thwart the plans of Donald Trump and help foster the return of the left 2017 might turn out better for the left.

Adam Milstein named the 39th most Influential Jew

Jerusalem Post is a popular Israeli Newspaper. It publishes valuable content that helps the Jewish community. It publishes articles that are relevant to the Jewish community living in different parts of the world. In a recent news article, it released an annual list of Jewish figures that are influential in their community. One of the considerations was the impact that the Jews have had on the Jewish culture and community. The yearly ranking included a businessman and philanthropist that is popular in the American community, Adam Milstein. He is a prominent Jewish statesman and businessperson.

Milstein was ranked 39 out of a list that included other prominent Jews. Despite being popular in the American Jewish community, he has had a significant impact both in the United States and his previous home in Israel. Adam Milstein was selected as position 39 in the list because of his work as a leader in the Israeli American Council.

Adam Milstein got into real estate business after moving to the United States. He became active in the Jewish causes after establishing his business. He started the Milstein Foundation that has supported several Israelis. He has become famous as a Jewish religious and political leader. Milstein has been responsible for starting and support several other organizations. Most of the organizations assist the Israeli community. He is popular for launching a program that has supported the Hebrew language with learning tools.

Adam Milstein’s early life is an exciting and motivating one. He was born in Haifa, Israel and brought up in the same region. His mother was a real estate developer and a homemaker. His mother was an immigrant from Mexico whereas his father was an immigrant from the country of Argentina. Milstein was born when the Israeli community was in war with neighboring nations. He was able to participate in the Yom Kippur Warfare in the year 1973. Adam Milstein went to the University of Technion later in 1978. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business. Milstein later worked with his father to expand the projects in real estate. He moved to the United States where he expanded his business.

JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

Principal Jason Halpern leads JMH Development. He is the sole proprietor of the business. According to his statement earlier this year, he wants to build the business through strategies and innovative development structures in all his duties and contracts in the United States. The company has also announced the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. The historic Motel Ankara is one of the most adaptive restructurings of the historic structure in the heart of Miami Beach. According to Jason, the completion of the topping off of the South Aloft Beach shows the capabilities of the company to handle any length of building structures. For the enterprise, this means daily business as much as it is a great achievement.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

Madden Real Estate Ventures is one of the companies which worked together with JMH Development to complete the projects. According to Madden Real Estate working with JMH Development was a new experience in innovation and structure development using the latest technological development in this industry. As a matter of fact, the company gained a lot through interacting with the JMH Development contractors well-known in the United States. Jason Halpern is the leader of the most experienced New York-based real estate company.

Jason Halpern in a Doorway

Jason Halpern in a Doorway

The company has also included the eight-story tower in the historic structure to make it one of the most important structures in the world. Plaza Construction was also charged with the construction part of the historic structure. On the other hand, ADD Company was also given the task to take care of the development and architectural design of the work in the building. As a matter of fact, the combination of these companies led to the exchange and sharing of most informative capabilities through the best form of innovation and technological transfer and advancements. According to the state documents, the Southern Aloft Beach is one of the newest kinds of structures in this area. For this reason, they have worked to determine the best position to make it a better tourist attraction because this is a tourist resort center. The hotel also has one of the biggest rooms in the region.


According to Jason Halpern’s statement, the project will make the location of this hotel appear to come from the Pancoast Lake as well as the Collins Canal. For this reason, the two water bodies will wrap the property. Miami Shores will offer a waterfront project promotion. You will also have access to the waterfront location of the structure. According to the development structure, you will also have free access to the hottest brands through a live access. This structure will have the inclusion of the 24-hour fitness center. You can also locate meetings in the area through the spacious meeting places for social and business meetings.


Build Your Hair With A Natural Hair Care System

Relax, dye, and use other chemicals on your hair with the protection of WEN by Chaz. They provide a rich collection of styling products, shampoos, and conditioners that will even protect your hair against heat. Their products help fight against the dirt and oil that build up in your hair. They work hard to build your hair with all natural products that won’t threaten to damage or strip your hair. Rejuvenate your hair from root to tip with a proven hair care system that has been used by thousands of women around the world. Wen by Chaz has been in the industry improving hair for over 10+ years.

Why Choose Wen By Chaz?

Wen by ChazDean,, is 100% organic with no harsh byproducts that will strip your natural luster. They packed with vitamin C and E, along with eleven unique amino acids that work deep within the hair. Give your hair the benefits of a great hair care system that allows your hair to breathe and grow fuller. Most women are looking for a reasonably priced product and Wen by Chaz is under $40 for most products. There are a lot of women that can save their hair with an affordable product that has proven hair care results.

Wen By Chaz

– All-in-one products

– Cleansing conditioner

– Deep cleansing conditioner

– Styling products

– Styling mousse

– 5 day hair care system

and much more…

You can order Wen by Chaz products exclusively from their website or check select retailers by browsing their beauty care aisle. Great hair is just a bottle away with this hair genie in a bottle with active ingredients that give you natural shine, bounce, and vitality. Build your hair and be confident with your locks with Wen by Chaz today. For more information, visit  the official website and also check out Wen’s Facebook page.


One Russian Entrepreneur’s Math Problem Solutions

Alexei Beltyukov is the founder and CEO of Solvy, an online homework system available to teachers and their students. As an alumni of Russia’s prestigious INSEAD Master Business Administration Program, Alexei Beltyukov has dedicated his life to helping others get a head start in their careers.

He is responsible for the creation of Endemic Capital, which provides funds by investing in start-up companies in need of money. He has also formed several institutions that help Russians in need of financing to go to business school.

With his usual philanthropist nature, Alexei Beltyukov created Solvy as an innovative method that enhances the educational process with no additional cost to the school or the parents. With a few clicks, teachers can pick challenging questions for their students’ and create an assignment for them to complete online.

It’s that simple. Student’s will then be able to log in, see what they have been assigned, and complete the homework. Gone are the days of hearing “the dog ate my homework!”

This educational tool saves teacher’s time while still allowing them to keep close track of their students progress. If a student is struggling they will know and be able to give them the guidance and support they need to successfully learn the material presented. Solvy is available on the many different devices our children constantly utilize today so logging in is quick and easy.

According to, It shouldn’t surprise us that Alexei Beltyukov created Solvy. He has consistently come up with new and contemporary methods designed to help others without demanding to make a profit.

Bruce Levenson Team sues the New Hampshire Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC is a successful organization led by Bruce Levenson. The group was also the previous owner of the NBA franchise. Not long ago, the group decided to file a lawsuit against an insurance company known as New Hampshire. According to the lawsuit, the insurance company had breached the contract concerning the settlement of claims that were made by the former general manager of the Hawks, Danny Ferry.

The controlling partner of the UCG, Bruce Levenson says that the lawsuit will not involve the new Hawks ownership team that is led by Tony Ressler. According to Bruce Levenson, the insurance company had breached the contract in bad faith, and the court should punish them severely.

Danny Ferry and the Hawks ownership managed to successfully reach a buyout agreement that was not revealed to the public in the year 2015. The new contract brought an end to the relationship that had lasted six years. The first contract was signed in the year 2012, and it was worth eighteen million dollars. Just two days after the agreement, the sale of the Hawks team was approved by the group led by Ressler.

The current spokesman for the basketball team released a report saying that his group was aware of the complaint in court. He, however, says that the principle parties that are involved in the case do not have any ties with the Atlanta Hawks and that the matter was not going to affect its performance. The team has been doing quite well in its recent activities, and it says that it will only focus on its future games.

In a report by, Bruce Levenson decided to sell the great team in the year 2015. The operating rights to the Philips Arena were also sold to the Ressler led team for seven thousand and thirty million dollars. The whole transaction was successful, and both parties said that they did not have complaints.

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More Help from Gooee

Being able to have LED lighting in your home can save you a lot of money and enabled you to have better Energy Efficiency than ever before. A lot of individuals are beginning to switch to LED lighting because of the Energy Efficiency that comes from this option and you will find that there are many different lighting fixtures that can be implemented to turn your home into one that is more energy efficient. One of the things you will want to know is that Gooee is one of the best LED lighting companies out there and can make it incredibly easy for you to find exactly what you need and want.


The moment you begin to use Gooee for your own LED lighting options, you will find this to be incredibly beneficial because of the fact that the quality of their products is superior to anything else you would find on the market. Many individuals are switching to this company because they feel it is something that can benefit them and their households as well as the electricity bill that they receive each month and are beginning to have difficulties affording because of the price of electric. This is a wonderful option for many different types of house owners and can be exactly what you need as well as people who have businesses and would like to be able to save money on something like this without any problems that you are going to have to deal with on your very own.


Why the Brown Modelling Agency Is the Company to Watch in the Fashion Industry

The Brown Modelling has become a spectacular event to behold. The company pulled all the stops to captivate an audience during the Wilhelmina Austin Launch Party, held in Austin, TX. The fun fashion event showcased an array of attire aimed at attracting potential customers in the festival. The company enlisted the services of models on a runway to provide an in-depth view of each fashionable clothe in production. The event attracted various celebrities who are expected to make positive contributions.

The success of the event would not have been possible without the immense contribution of Linda Asaf, a renowned local designer. Each designer cloth was specially made to meet the emerging needs of the Texas market. Whether you are looking for a casual or complete outfit, Wilhelmina Brown has got you covered. Interviewed viewers hailed the fonnoli piece as their most favorite piece for spring. No matter your budget size, you are guaranteed of a high-quality item from the Brown Modelling Agency. The artistic value and sports flair of printed designs speak volumes about the level of quality incorporated in the design process.

Designer Outfits for Men

The Brown Modelling agency has made an indelible mark in the Texas fashion industry and is assured of dominance in the next few months. As a reputable brand, the fashion company specializes in an array of services tailored to meet the needs of clients. Under the men’s category, the institution has showcased its commitment by advertising great fabric. Not only do they sell outstanding materials, but also advise customers on suitable purchases depending on their body stature and tastes. Getting an up-close view of particular fabric can influence the decision made by the buyer.

The enterprise has enlisted the assistance of top designers to design and create remarkable dresses and outfits for women of various shapes, sizes and age. From light and casual items to formal attire, the agency has gone above and beyond to create impressive fashion apparels. Interested customers can seek advice on suitable outfits that can accentuate their curves and magnify their beauty.

Profile of Brown Modelling Agency

Previously known as the Wilhelmina Austin, the Brown Agency is a full-service talent and model agency based in Central Texas. Managed by Justin Brown, the modeling institution has made significant strides to become a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. Since its formation in 2010, the company has established itself as a reliable service provider with an impressive track record of achieving business goals and objectives.

Brown aims at exceeding expectations and providing ground-breaking designs never before seen in Texas. The agency is proud to unveil its latest designs on fashion models gracing the runways of Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week and much more.