Famous Authors of Brazil

Throughout history, many talented authors have emerged from the country of Brazil. These writers come from all walks of life and produce a wide range of work, from magazine articles and plays to novels enjoyed by many. Two prime examples who will be discussed are Jaime Garcia Dias (LinkedIn), Paulo Coelho, and Jorge Amado.

Born in 1970 to Arnaldo Dias and architect Garcia Dulce Dias in Rio de Janeiro, Jaime began his journey toward becoming an author fairly early in his life. His father was both a writer and journalist, and a great deal of Jaime’s inspiration came from him. At the age of 15, Jaime began to attend the Arnaldino school, and his desire to become a writer became stronger. By the time he had reached his early 20s, he started teaching teenagers who were aspiring writers at Carioca Literature Academy and remained there for five years before becoming vice president of the academy. Jaime was also responsible for creating the largest library dedicated to Brazilian literature. Before reaching age 30, Jaime Garcia Dias (Twitter) had already released over ten books, and won the White Crane award in 2001, his first literary award. Twenty published books and five awards later, Jaime has been listed as one of the leading writers of Brazilian fiction.

A second award winning novelist is Paulo Coelho. His interest in literature was sparked when he was a teenager. His parents had very conventional careers, and he was not encouraged by his mother to pursue a life of writing. At age 17, after years of struggling to oppose his parents wishes of leading a more conventional life, they committed him to a mental institution, where he was in and out of until age 20 before being released. Complying with the wishes of his mother and father, Paulo enrolled in a law school and abandoned the idea of ever becoming an author, but that only lasted so long before he decided to drop out and travel internationally. In 1982, Coelho finally managed to get his work published, Hell Archives, but it was not positively received. He continued on to write a novel every two years prior to winning the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum. Paulo’s most famous work to date is The Alchemist, with many celebrities, including former United States president Bill Clinton, claiming it to have been life changing.

Third, but certainly not least, is Jorge Amado. The son of João Amado de Faria and D. Eulália Leal, Jorge was raised on a farm for the first year of his life until they moved to the coastal city of Ilhéus. In 1931, at age 18, Jorge published his first novel, The Country of Carnival. In the early 1940s, he wrote a piece and submitted it to a political newspaper that catered to the Nazi party and was later convinced he needed to go into exile but did not do so. Later in life life, Jorge and his family moved around quite a bit, from Czechoslovakia back to Brazil. He was able to successfully publish over 30 works of literature, and was the inspiration of the House of Jorge Amado Foundation, created in 1987. To this day, his work has never ceased to amaze and remains popular throughout the world.

The Apple Watch Available At Best Buy In August

One of the most popular consumer technology company’s in the world, Apple, has agreed to terms with the largest consumer electronics chain in the United States, Best Buy, to begin selling the newly released popular tech gadget, the Apple Watch, in stores beginning August 7.

While this might not seem too significant, the deal marks Best Buy as the first retailer to sell the Apple Watch outside of Apple retail stores. The release will conveniently come just before the major end-of-year holiday season. According to a spokesperson for the tech giant, both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport versions will be readily available in over 300 Best Buy stores before the end of the year.

The Apple Watch is the first, and probably most proficient, of its kind in an emerging and exciting technology category: Smart watch technology. According to Apple’s Chief Financial Officer in early July, in nine weeks since the watch’s unveiling in late April, the total number of watch sales had far exceeded expectations. He claimed the Apple Watch sold so well, that the product had actually surpassed sales of both the iPad and iPhone over the same period of time after their initial launch.

These are intelligent decisions by both companies, claims American businesswoman and executive consultant Susan McGalla. McGalla is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a company that prides itself on helping clients with marketing, branding, operational efficiencies, talent management, and much more.

QNET Is About Starting a Business

What is QNET? It is new and it is dynamic! It is how the ordinary guy can follow his dream. QNET is about a little guy becoming a businessman. The founders of QNET are on a mission to improve the quality of life for many people, and their leadership talks about growing people.

QNET is a fast growing business that is on the cutting edge of the direct sales industry. Originally, they were owned by the QI Group that sells various products such as weight management, nutrition, homecare, personal care and much more. Vijay Eswaran began the company in Hong Kong in 1998. Now, it has greatly expanded. Its offices are in many countries all over the world. The first company was GoldQuest, and in 2002 it diversified to include travel and vacations. QI acquired a British telecommunications company, QI Comm. In 2006, the company moved into marketing energy and health products, and in 20007, QNET bought “Down to Earth” (DTE). DTE is a chain store that sells vegetarian organic foods in Hawaii.
The founders of QNET are on a quest to bring a better life to others both in terms of a mind/body state and a personal entrepreneurial skill. They talk about Gandhi as a great inspiration to them. This great leader, Gandhi, was an inspired leader and humanitarian. The values of a humanitarian include caring, charity and public inspiration. Their mission is to empower others to take charge of their lives so that they can reach their life goals. It is their business to be the inspiration to others.

QNET contributes to the wellbeing of the mind/body through a concept RHYTHM. RHYTHM is “raise yourself to help mankind.” They consider that their leadership in the direct selling industry can be a positive influence in developing marketing communities throughout the world. They state that their core values are to care to others, to server the world community, and, most significant, they value integrity. They consider honest central to their hearts. (see QNET’s website).

QNET is a business that considers people working in the company as their greatest treasure. This great treasure should be nurtured and developed. They are proud that they embrace cultural diversity. This is demonstrated in the fact that their teams are drawn from as many as 30 different countries, and they serve customers in over 100 countries. They consider themselves rich in ethnic diversity.

They business model is a multi-level marketing model. The independent representatives or employees receive income based on the amount of sales. The employees also receive money for referring others to become independent sales representatives. The employees receive a percentage of the money made from the sales that the representatives make.

Joseph Bismark: Positive Thinking and Peaceful Change in Business

I know I have a difficult time enacting positive change. I found someone who not only enacts positive change in his private life but in his professional life as well. I came upon Joseph Bismark speaking about is philosophies on his WordPress blog while researching workplace restructuring. He has made a business of creating the types of workplaces that most of us dream of working within. He is the co-founder of Q-Net, a highly successful business conglomerate. He did this on the platform of positivity not a cutthroat business acumen.

I was impressed by his business vision that begins with understanding and respect of others. Imagine a workplace where your manager or supervisor seeks to understand and respect your needs. Imagine this is their priority. I would want to work there. Next, he builds on this business philosophy, prioritizing communication and empathy as staples of every businesses’ foundation. He exerts it is integral that we take charge of our lives and learn to communicate not only effectively, but with empathy. In this process of communication, we must not only be truthful but be willing to admit our mistakes. This is a huge derailment from the usual business tactics of most major businesses today. I cannot begin to imagine both the power and peace we could find in the workplace if we prioritized trust.
There is also a lot of energy and power in the ideas of Joseph Bismark. He speaks highly of being dynamic and networking one on one. This really spoke to me as I know networking can be a lynchpin in almost any business plan. It is highly important to shake things up and not fear change. I appreciate that he challenges me to be the kind of leaders I would want to be led by.
You can follow Joseph Bismark on Twitter @TheDailyGem

Foreign Investing Should Not Be Scary, Says Igor Cornelsen

Financial expert Igor Cornelsen of Bainbridge Investments has recently been explaining why it can be a good thing to look outside the comfort zone of the majority of investors and financial experts. Cornelsen believes the world offers many amazing investment opportunities that the majority of people are not taking advantage of as they remain lodged in the well known markets of North America and Europe. Instead, the investment specialist believes exploring some emerging markets and economies as a good option for making investments is something that each and every individual should look to do over the course of their investment career.

One area of the world Igor Cornelsen believes has been overlooked for far too long is the nation of Brazil, which has a long history with a financial future that is looking brighter than ever. The problems that have dogged the Brazilian economy since the economic downturn of 2008 looked set to cause major problems, but in 2014 the top two banks of Brazil saw profits and share values increase despite the issues with financial mismanagement of the overall economy. The new economic matrix policies that caused a long period of stalled growth for Brazil have now been abandoned in favor of a more traditional economic policy created by new finance minister Joaquim Levy. Profits and growth should return across the board in Brazil as increasing numbers of businesses look to close the gap on the rest of the world created by the earlier economic policies.

Cornelsen also believes the health of the Brazilian economy is assured by the strong links the country has now developed with China in terms of a trade partnership. The trade partnership with China guarantees a large amount of the raw materials produced in Brazil will make their way to China and also to many of the other countries in South America that rely on Brazilian production. The future of the Brazilian economy is also healthy because of the large amount of variety offered by the country. Different areas of Brazil specialize in different industries, which include a strong tourism trade and excellent agricultural opportunities.

As you can see on Cornelsen’s resume is an expert in the economy of Brazil and believes taking a look at the options available for investing in the country is a good option for almost every investor. The economy of the country does not differ too drastically from the economies of North America with many of the top global banks providing financial backing for the banks and various financial institutions of Brazil.

Despite The Donald’s Bombastic Campaign Kickoff, Bernie Sanders is the Big News

This week saw real estate mogul Donald Trump kick off his presidential campaign with great flare. The reality TV personality announced an impressive net worth of $9 billion. Depending on how much of that is liquid, he may well be able to self-fund his entire presidential campaign. Trump also called out the issues facing Americans with succinct language. While his borderline caustic remarks about illegal immigration may put some voters off, he is not backing off of his remarks. Trump is ready to run for president and call out anyone from Hillary to his GOP rivals.

For all the Trump fanfare, the real news story was quietly Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The latest Suffolk University poll had him pull 31 percentage points. This put him only ten points behind the Clinton juggernaut. The simple fact that he has erased her once commanding fifty point lead to only ten points isn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the poll. Vice-President Biden polled at 7 percent; he has yet to announce a candidacy. If Sanders can pick up the Biden support, it would cut Clinton’s lead down to 3 points or within the poll’s margin of error. As such, it would make New Hampshire a tossup, as a few at Amen Clinics have pointed out. That is precisely the scenario Clinton wants to avoid. Back in 2008, she ran her campaign with an aura of entitlement only to have a rookie senator by the name of Barrack Obama stage an upset victory.

Delaware Becomes The 18th State To Decriminalize Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana has been a hot topic around the country for some time now. There are plenty of states that are looking at the possible decriminalization of the drug for recreational use. As a matter of fact, Delaware has now become the 18th state to allow its citizens to possess small amounts of marijuana without penalty under the law.

The Guardian explains that the state has written very specific rules about when and where marijuana may be consumed within the state, but nonetheless the state is now not going to bother chasing people down over small amounts.

Many who believe in the legalization of marijuana are cheering this ruling and are so happy to see another state government stepping in and saying that they are not going to be a party to the laws that other states have regarding the substance. Alexei Beltyukov knows more and more states are going to legalize it. They do not want to continue to give criminal records to their citizens over a little pot smoking.

These kind of measures are sure to anger some, but many others are cheering them. They believe that it is about time that such measures were put in place for the safety of the people of the state to make a choice about their drug usage without fear of law enforcement. Of course, there are still penalties for selling the substance in the state and for other things related to it, but for the most part the state has become more relaxed with its laws.

BRL Trust: The Transparant and Secure Investment Company

In business for just a decade,the independent Brazilian company, BRL Investment Trust, has has quickly leapt to the top of their field as one of leading and trusted company in financial services. Always intent on transparency and safety, BRL Investment Trust started out as a lender of private loans, they have grown and have expanded into new business areas such as Administration, Management, Custody, Accounting and Bookkeeping Investment Funds, the staff of experienced professionals at BRL Trust specialize in quality customer service.

BRL Investment Trust is a market leader in private securities (CCB, CCI, CDCA and CPR) and are their portfolio is approximately 800 transactions with a total volume of $4.5 billion.

After the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil, BRL Trust achieved Global attention when they became the loan officer for the Corinthians stadium in Sao Paulo, the arena that brought soccer fans from all over the world for the first game of the FIFA world tournament. Under the watchful eye of BRL Trust, the stadium was delivered fully finished and within the stipulated time, despite a delay in beginning the construction, yet the company made a commitment to deliver this project on time and did!

Now that Brazil will host the the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, BRL Trust promises to continue to grow and produce similar positive results in the upcoming years. This is significant, as the economy of Brazil is expected to be in the top 10 in the global world market.

BRL Trust remains associated with the ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Markets), which annually publishes a Yearbook of Investment Funds, that includes information about companies, their services, mission, registration information, balance sheets as well as resources. In addition, BRL Trust won second and seventh place as Major Investment Funds Administrator in Investments in volume, by ANBIMA.

Mexico Cracks Down on their own Immigration Problem

The United States has not been the only country inundated with immigrants. A record number of migrant children and youth from Central America have been deported from Mexico.

During the first five months of 2015, the Mexican authorities have sent back to their countries 3,819 unaccompanied minors, which represents an increase of 56% over the same period in 2014.

Most of the immigrants came from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

According to the Pew Research Center, these actions by Mexico on its southern border have significantly contributed to the reduction in the number of unaccompanied migrant children who try to reach the United States.

The study also reveals that US officials have detained12,509 children on the border with Mexico so far this year; 8,894 children less than those that were intercepted during the first five months of 2014.

It is believed that the majority of unaccompanied minors trying to reach the US from Honduras and El Salvador are fleeing violence, because their countries have the highest homicide rates in the world. While in the case of Guatemala, they are traveling for economic reasons. Brian Torchin mentioned on Twitter that he hopes these immigrants are receiving proper medical care.

Experts say Mexico intensified operations to curb migration, due to political pressure from Washington DC, after the surge that exceeded the capacity of the US facilities.

Mexican Girl Mistakenly Taken Now Returned Home

After a case of mistaken identity, a Mexican girl is back home with her family safe and sound. According to authorities, the 14-year-old girl was forced to go to the United States on the pretense that she was kidnapped. Alondra Luna Nunez was taken kicking and screaming from her school in Mexico and extradited to the United States, despite her parents presenting her birth certificate.


Skeptical of the birth certificate that was presented to authorities, they decided they would take her to the United States anyway. It wasn’t until Monday when the results of a DNA test did not match, the girl was returned home to her parents.


The entire incident caught the attention of the masses after the entire thing was captured on video. Watching the video you can see Mexican authorities escorting the girl into an SUV against her will. She is literally kicking and screaming, “I am not your daughter!” and “You’re going to pay.” She was speaking against the woman who made the claim, Garcia who was also sitting in the SUV as the capture took place. The case was heard by a judge and although the girl’s parents presented her birth certificate and testified during the hearing, he still ordered her to be placed into Garcia’s custody.


The entire situation was a terrible misunderstanding according to Flavio Maluf. Authorities are in search of Alondra Diaz-Garcia, who was allegedly taken by her father Reynaldo Diaz back in June 2007. That girl is still missing.