Billionaire Investor George Soros European Union Ultimatum For Worsening Asylum Chaos?

George Soros MarketWatch op-ed piece published last September stimulated controversial politics among EU leaders. The detailed article argued human rights affairs for asylum seekers assuming EU residency. He suggested a comprehensive two-year rehabilitation compensatory program to ease the financial burden of education, housing, and health care. Today, EU nations on face trying times as the refugee crisis worsens. Soros recommends a global effort involving the UN (United Nations) and its constituents. Consequently, he strongly reiterated how this approach could calm the volatile unrest inspired by forced migration and other contributing factors.

George Soros suggested some fifteen thousand euros to support each newly integrated asylum seeker for two years. This should suffice to take care of some expenses for education, housing, and health care services during the probationary period. Without a revised EU asylum policy, refugee invasion has amounted to a worsening political crisis. He further stressed the importance of member states uniting efforts to address the growing refugee crisis on effectively. Soros six-step remedial intervention focuses on reducing long-term investment and containing chaos triggers for a smooth absorption process. With Syria being the embryo of the ongoing turmoil EU nations face today, it’s sensible to make it a first priority. The program aims to satisfy all legal asylum seekers that genuinely need a home.

The six components EU leaders should incorporate include establishing a yearly absorption rate capacity; engage global support; install high-level security measures (EU Border patrol and a central agency for migration/asylum affairs); create safe entry channels for genuine asylum seekers. Additionally, EU government require financial and operational machinations to protect the interest of asylum seekers. The arrangements should reflect the principles of international standards. Lastly, George Soros firmly support mobilizing private sector organizations, including churches, NGOs, businesses as program sponsors.

Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon have absorbed a mass refugee population in recent years. George Soros highlighted the importance of increasing funding to aid these states. Additionally, the ongoing economic challenges in Greece has increased asylum seekers entering progressive EU states. With the EU creating trade opportunities with Morocco and Tunisia, it could address rising unemployment rates as asylum seekers become naturalized. Soros concluded that a reasonable European policy extending human rights privileges to legal asylums is an intervention capable of positive feedback. His interest lies in bringing an end to senseless human suffering and panic.

Prominent international investor, philanthropist, author and liberal democratic causes supporter George Soros has committed some thirty years ensuing humanitarian ambitions. The Hungarian-American self-made business mogul absconded his homeland when the Nazis oppression peaked. In 1956, he relocated to the bustling New York City and began a career in finance. A compassionate giver, Soros pursued philanthropic endeavors in 1979. His influential Open Society Foundations have donated some $7 billion to philanthropy thus far.

Soros first job in New York was F.M. Mayer, a Wall Street powerhouse brokerage boutique. Some years later, he launched Soros Fund after a time-honored career with multiple high-end financial firms.His firm generated substantial revenue resulting in Soros billionaire status today following a series of expansions. His Open Society Foundations (OSF) operates in 100+ countries, supporting different humanitarian causes.

QNET Turning Positive Thoughts Into Clean Water For Disadvantaged Children

QNET is a company which creates a wide variety of products and offers them to consumers at very affordable prices. The company has also earned a reputation for providing jobs and economic opportunities for people in impoverished communities. Plus in 2005 QNET created the non-profit Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) Foundation. Through this organization QNET provides help to needy people and groups in the communities in which they market their products. Now QNET has created a new program. One designed to provide clean water to children in need. It’s called the Positive Thoughts Project.

The Positive Thoughts Project is a program designed to provide water filtration systems to two educational institutions that serve children that have serious learning deficits. The two programs, the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School, will be given HomePure RED German designed 7 stage water filter systems. However, it’s up to the public to make this happen. All they have to do is visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and share a positive thought. After the first 500 people leave positive posts, QNET will give the Taarana School a water filter. After a second group of 500 people leave positive posts on the company’s FaceBook page, QNET will give a water filter to the Rashid Centre as well.

That is all it takes to participate in the Positive Thought Project. People don’t have to give any money. They just have to be willing to take a few minutes to visit the FaceBook page of QNET and the RYTHM Foundation and leave a positive message. Once people do this, QNET will do the rest. It is yet another example of the company’s concern for the communities it serves. Many companies simply go in and make as much money as they can from communities. QNET does much more than that. They provide affordable, high-quality products, create job opportunities, and help those communities as much as they can.

Clean, safe drinking water is a important natural resources. Providing it to impoverished communities is one of the most important issues of the 21st century. The people at QNET are aware of this and have begun to do their part to make a difference. With the Positive Thoughts Project they are also giving the general public an opportunity to make a difference in the live of intellectually challenged children. All it takes is a few minutes of their time.

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VTA Publications: Creating Learning Options

VTA Publications has 2 separate services that it offers. The first service is event planning and organizing for specialist genre events. The second service is publishing non-fiction distance learning material and courses. The company was founded in 2012 and is now operating globally. The end goal of VTA Publications is to provide economic and financial information to customers. And at VTA, this information is both in the physical format and in the digital format. In addition to event planning and publishing learning material, VTA also connects experts with the people who need that expert’s experience and VTA is also willing to serve as a book agent for various seminars and conferences.

On VTA’s website, they offer various blog posts that are aimed at helping business professionals to succeed. 1 of the blog posts is about how we treat other people and how it effects our success. The article made the argument that in business, we will think of an idea and then need to get it past our boss, and possible a few other people, in order for us to be allowed to implement it. The article made the argument that we would like have much better success if we had other people on our side. The article then went into a discussion about how we treat people and that the problem we would face when trying to get other to agree with us is that we do not treat them right. The article explained that, most often, we just criticize people and criticism will never win us friends. The article then went on to explain The best option is to actually start taking a genuine interest in others. The more we take an interest in others, the more they will take an interest in us and the more willing they will be in helping us with out professional goals. The article also went through extensive information about why people think this way and then used this information to clarify why, in order to get ahead in business, it is smart to make friends out of colleagues.

There are several different pieces of material that individuals can buy from VTA. There is a chart that shows how to trade stocks. There is an extensive recording of the most recent seminar. There is a booklet on trading strategies. There is a retirement planning guide. has more on VTA Publications, and the company they have formed.

Juicy, Tender Bites Of Dog Food From Beneful

Dogs LOVE Beneful

Every pet owner I know that has tried feeding their dog Beneful has never looked back from their decision. Do you know why? Pet owners choose to feed their dogs Beneful because the dogs cannot get enough of what Beneful’s dog food varieties have to offer. In terms of flavors, Beneful’s dog food varieties are above par because premium companies like Beneful use their own groups of taste testers to make sure that they have gotten the recipe perfect. They also pack their foods with high quality, nutritious ingredients that help in supporting a dog’s full, healthy life.

Review Of Beneful Products

My dog loves Beneful, and every pet owner I talk to agrees with me. Purinastore Beneful products are the best that pet stores put on their shelves. Their dog food snacks are great as well. They make a dog food snack that is called Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats ( These dog treats have a special texture and formula that promotes healthy teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath for your dog. I feed one to my dog every day. They make them in different sizes as well, so you will surely find a dog treat from Beneful that suites your dog well.

Beneful makes eight types of dry dog food, and each one that I have tried with my dog is perfect for his needs. We usually feed him Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. He likes the kind made with real beef. However, when my dog was gaining weight, we decided to offer him Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight. That one is made with real chicken and green beans. It has other nutrients in the blend as well, and it is made in a way that promotes maintaining a healthy weight for your dog.

I am thoroughly impressed with what Beneful has to offer their customers. They keep dogs happy by coming up with new products on Wal-Mart grocery all the time. Their wet foods are exceptionally delicious to dogs. They make one called Chopped Blends that is covered in a juicy sauce dogs love.



The Amazing Lime Crime Cosmetics Line

Lime Crime cosmetics is here and the world will never be the same again. This is all the doing of Doe Deere. This Russian born, New York City raised entrepreneur has tapped into a desire for colorful cosmetics people can use to bring their fashion choices to life and add fun and flair to their everyday wear. Lime Crime is a line of cosmetics that offers rouge, eye-shadow, lipstick, nail polish, blush, and more in blindingly bright, rich, unique colors. Plus the cosmetics are smudge-proof, made from wholesome ingredients, and are not tested on animals. They also look great.

Doe Deere created the blog because she wanted to attract attention to herself while she was performing. But it turns out untold numbers of people worldwide were also looking for a way to express their colorful alter egos. Enter Lime Crime cosmetics. Now men, women, and children of all ages have a line of cosmetics with bright enough colors to make a statement while making them look both beautiful and unforgettable. For some people Lime Crime’s unicorn lipstick in its crazy colors is what they need. Others find Velvetines lip colorings or Venus: The Grunge Palette eye-shadows helps to complete their look. Either way all they need is Lime Crime.

You haven’t really lived you’ve worn Lime Crime cosmetics, it’s an experience unlike anything you’ve ever known. Some consider Lime Crime cosmetics to be make-up therapy, and the Instagram crowd shows this is an extremely popular line for alternative styles. A form of creative self-expression that allows then to stand out from the crowd and shake off the soul crushing yoke of conformity. Lime Crime is liberation in a lip stick tube or in rainbow colored nail polish. Putting these unique colors on has helped many people to regain their confidence, sense of self, and their unique style.

The fashion police have released an APB on Lime Crime cosmetics for smashing all narrow-minded fashion laws limiting people’s ability express themselves in all their colorful splendor. A growing tide of people worldwide are embracing Lime Crime and boldly displaying it at work and at play. Grab some Lime Crime and make your own statement.  Just take a look at Lime Crime’s Unicorn line for more style ideas.

Business Valuation And Capital Advisory As Seen Under Madison Street Capital Lenses

Business valuation is a business process whereby outlined procedures are used to come up with the economic value of shareholders and owners interest in the prosperity of a business. Good business valuation helps the business get a good price from financial market participants during an effective business sale. Thus as a business owner or shareholder you need to find a competent company to do for you your business valuation.

Madison Street Capital is that firm that will give you the best services in terms of business valuation. A professionally done business valuation not only fetches a good selling price for a business, but also goes ahead to provide vital and reliable information that can be used in dispute resolution, gift taxation, litigation during divorce and establishing partners’ ownership interest. This are the main reasons why most businesses currently in the market take business valuation very seriously.

As a business grows its assets, also increase, and its operations also diversify. It may be hectic for a business to act alone and be able to monitor on all its rapidly growing assets in all aspects of its operations. This business may need help in how to manage the growing assets, how to ensure the assets keep growing and how to ensure that the cost of managing the assets does not overburden the firm. This is where capital advisory comes in. The capital advisory also involves helping a business realize ways in which it can raise its capital and also help it realize which are the best sectors to which it can allocate its capital. Madison Street Capital have been known to offer the best capital advisory services in the entire business market. Madison Street Capital do more than just offering capital advisory. They also go ahead and do follow-ups in their clients to ensure that their methods are significantly working. Madison Street Capital have managed to help numerous companies grow and see their assets and capital rapidly increase.

Madison Street Capital is one of the best investment banking services provider that serve the business industry currently. This firm has managed to grow to a successful business on entity due to its exceptional market knowledge, business experience, and extensive business and partnership relationships. This firm mainly serves the middle business market all over the world. Madison Street Capital has managed to undertake numerous corporate finance transaction and facilitate mergers & acquisitions through its M&A advisory services. The firm owes most of its success in business to its highly skilled and professional staff that have been on the frontline of satisfying the firm’s clients.


Dealing With Xerém Brazil’s Flooding Concern For Sergio Cortes

When severe flooding began to impact the city of Xerém and surrounding areas in Brazil, Doctor Sergio Cortes announced the institution of the first Hydration Center: “We are taking steps, planning for the worst and hoping for the best. This center is a preventive action of the state Department of Health to support the municipality, given the amount of accumulated garbage in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue fever mosquito proliferation.”

Sergio Cortes is Brazil’s Health Secretary. When the flooding hit, he toured Xerém, Duque de Caxias and saw firsthand the mounting problems that were caused by the unrelenting rising waters. He has since helped coordinate multiple Hydration Centers getting installed in shelters spread over the city. Each center can treat up to 300 patients per day. All city and state agencies have been put to work to help restore clean water and proper sewage treatment that were damaged in the flooding. The primary concern was for victims of dengue fever, which causes life-threatening dehydration.

Camillo Junqueira, Brazil’s Health Minister, along with the National Health Force Conception Mendonça, quickly determined that the flooding response required a second emergency response Caxis Kit to be deployed. They also increased the response to possible infections of leptospirosis by distributing 3,000 more antibiotic injections. At the least, they announced to the public that only bottled water should be ingested until clean water can again be assured. At least two shelters had tap water that did test positive for leptospirosis.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the primary diseases that flooding has caused in the past include hepatitis A, leptospirosis, and dehydrating diarrhea. That is why Epidemiological Surveillance teams were also deployed by Brazil’s State Department of Health. These teams will be testing for additional maladies, such as meningitis, dengue virus, and chicken pox. They advise everyone to be careful to disinfect any water they use. Dr. Cortes was glad to report that the local government was bringing in 10,000 sodium hypochlorite bottles to the shelters in Caxias. This story was originally reported on Extra Online, and by Sergio Cortes’ Official web site.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is a Medical Doctor (MD) who has accomplished key research into the causes and treatments of back pain in his patients. He has determined that bad body posture is the root cause of many types of back pain. If not addressed with his special regime of exercises, such pain can progress to a chronic problem. You can follow his shares on Twitter and see his information on LinkedIn.

Tips on Investing by Igor Cornelsen

If one is looking for reliable and substantial advice about investing, Igor Cornelsen is the man to look for. Igor has had extensive experience in the world of investments. He was an investor banker in Brazil where he held influential positions in some of the banks. He was involved in formulation of policies to regulate the country’s economy. Due to his experience, Igor is placed at a position where he understands all there is to do with banking and investing in Brazil. He has talked at forums and also published articles that give investors insight as they lay their investment plans. Igor advises investors that before investing they have to know all the details of any investment project they intend to take.

Igor Cornelsen believes that investing on failing or damaged stocks is quite beneficial than investing in a company that is heading to collapsing. He understands how one should make money by investing. Companies and individuals have always sought his advice whenever they intend to take on high risk investments. He stayed in Brazil until 2010 when he retired to South Florida.

Retirement did not mean that Igor was out of the investment business. While in South Florida, he founded the Bainbridge Group Inc. His passion for consultancy and offering advisory opinions on igorcornelsenwordpress pushed him to open up Bainbridge. Through it, investors seek his expert opinion on long term investments that they wish to undertake. He has formulas, methods and techniques that assist investors during investing. Igor states that, investment should be done in the long term and not short term. That having a positive mind frame is paramount to one having a successful career in investment. He also brings to the attention of investors that one has to be patient in order to see the fruits of their investments.

A good strategy and an income generating venture assures an individual of the success of their investment. To get the best, you have to give your best hence investors are advised to be dedicated and committed while investing. They have to study the performance of the stocks regularly so as to know when to pull out or invest more.

Igor observes that owning an online business is much more appealing considering that time is a scarce resource. A lot of companies have over the years benefited from Igor Cornelsen’s investment advice on PR Newswire. He also encourages people to invest on passive income. Through passive income, one is assured of constant flow of income and the resources used at the beginning are sufficient enough to run the venture to the very end.

Igor loves golfing and he regularly golfs while in South Florida. He often provides consultancy services to financial institutions such as investment banks and hedge funds.

Traits Of a Leading Attorney And A Hedge Fund Advisor

Sam Tabar’s traits are considered unique especially when it comes to giving pieces of advice about hedge fund management and investments. First from his experience as an attorney Sam has the art of checking any investment he gets into or advice with a keen eye. Tabar has been the leading advisor of hedge funds in the Asian- European market for over 30 years. He is the perfect thing that can happen to any investment in the world either through partnership, an employee or as an advisor. Tabar is also in philanthropy with a company called THINX that helps children and women in Africa and Asia. He was introduced to the THINX by the company and got interested with their strategy of investment. Sam Tabar is also campaigning for donations through the Go-Fund-ME campaign platform to increase the accessibility of medical care and medical services for children in Africa.

Despite studying law at Columbia Law School, Sam Tabar has been more in the financial management and advisories of hedge funds. He also has a Bachelor of Arts honors from Oxford University. He is more involved in businesses as a capital strategist and introduced new products and concepts in most hedge funds like foundations, pensions, funds of funds, endowments and family offices. Through his legal concepts, he has helped in coming up with back and front office team operations for many hedge funds. Tabar has developed to a popular capital strategist with influence around Asia and Pacific region.

Of the institutions he has worked with including the Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) where he was the head of the capital strategy, a co-head of marketing for Sparx Group/PMA the largest and most dominating hedge fund n Asia- Pacific. While at Sparx, he managed through global marketing to bring more investors in the firm amounting to $2 billion for the hedge fund. The fund managed to get 2000 investors who are qualified and with great potential and 400 new introductions to new investors. Tabar managed to connect thousands of investors to the field of investing with hedge funds and even raised $1.2 billion assets for Sparx Group. He has also invested in properties, and other companies like that are startups in America like verboten. He has helped many hedge funds globally through connections to investors who are potentially capable. Tabar has also worked as a senior legal associate for the protection of hedge funds at Schulte Roth and Zabel. Due to his outgoing character in marketing, he speaks fluent French, English and Japanese; he is an investor to look out for.  His Lawyerist profile has further reading on Sam’s legal career.

Wen by Chaz Adds Life to Fine Hair


After years of struggling with her fine, lifeless hair, an editor for Bustle wanted to find out if the positive buzz about Wen by Chaz would meet her expectations for the hair cleansing conditioner product. To see if she could transform her hair with body and shine, the editor used Wen by Chaz exclusively on her hair for seven days straight. Her first hand account and the before and after pictures posted show a definite difference in the body and shine of the hit after using Wen by Chaz. On the days when she couldn’t fit in a shampoo with the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, she noted that her hair felt heavy and greasy, which just goes to show how much healthier your hair can feel and look from using Wen by Chaz on a regular basis.

Wen by Chaz is a five-in-one hair care product that can do the job of a shampoo, conditioner and detangler all out of the same bottle. Women have been raving about the miracle work Wen by Chaz can do on damaged, fine or brittle hair. Wen by Chaz has been featured on, and quite a few infomercials, which are full of testimonials about how the cleansing conditioner is more powerful and transformative than any of the average shampoos women have turned to in hopes of bringing the salon quality look to their daily hair.

Speaking of salon quality, WEN by Chaz has done so well in the hair care market by allowing women to give their hair salon quality treatment in the comfort of their own home. Even more importantly, women no longer have to ot high salon prices to get the same amazing results on a daily basis. Wen by Chaz is available for order online at extremely reasonable prices.