Malini Saba Pursues What She Wants And Stands Up For Her Beliefs

I am someone who wants to live a certain life. I also believe that ti is possible for one to live the life that he or she wants. Malini Saba has proven that it is possible for one to lead that life. Malini had a dream that she believed was possible. She did not want to be resigned to living a life that is lowly. For one thing, she does not believe in limiting herself to her place or a low paying job. She believes in her right to more than minimum wage. At the same time, she does not just sit around and complain about her situation. She instead looks for where she can get a better life and pursues it.


Malini had an intense desire for independence and being a huge influence to women. Therefore, she has used it to work towards the goals that she wanted. As a mother, she also wanted to be a powerful influence on her daughter. She is very passionate about teaching her daughter some very important lessons about independence and persistence. Given her example, Malini will easily instill that into her daughter. She is willing to make sure that her daughter is able to keep that success going for her life.


I myself believe that one should not just be resigned to a life that she is not satisfied with. It is important for people to at least go out and go after what they want. People should not let the fear of failure control them. For one thing, the worst thing that could happen in life is if they decide not to go after what they want, then sit in bitter misery. As a result, the only chance they have at their own validation is in telling others they can’t go after what they want and that they should live the same mediocre life that they themselves is living. When someone goes after what he wants, even ultimate failure may be more satisfying than just not doing anything. This is why it is important for anyone to try and make the life he wants.


Exploring Gratitude With Help From The Kabbalah Centre

Gratitude is an important concept. People of all backgrounds and age groups look to help become more centered in their lives and find how to be more grateful. The use of this concept allows people to reflect on their lives and see how they can find meaning inside. Those at the Kabbalah Centre do their best to show others how they can tap into this ideal and use it to find ways to be better people. They look to ancient texts for an understanding that can be hard to find in the modern world. With their help, many participants in kabbalah study have been able to reach inside and find why it is that they are grateful for the things in their own lives.

Being Thankful

As they teach people, the texts that were written then offer us a sense of how all people can locate the all important ability to see the good in their own lives. With their help, they look to explore the very notion of being grateful and show what it can mean in the lives of the people who study with them each week. Thanks to their efforts, many people have found that gratitude should come from within to have true meaning. They urge people to look away from the surface and consider the very concept of gratitude means that being grateful isn’t just about getting things but being aware of what is already given inside.

Learning From Masters

When studying with the Kabbalah Centre, those who study here can learn such wisdom and how it can apply to their lives. When they think of concepts like gratitude, they can come away with a greatly changed worldview that helps them see the world as a better place and understand their own power to make it even better. Making the world a better place is the surest way to help people feel as if they can be a part of something bigger and more important in their own lives. They know that learning such concepts can help expand their own lives and increase their self confidence.

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Don Ressler’s Success Demonstrates the Power of Leverage in Entrepreneurship

Partnership in business can go a long way to expanding the potential of entrepreneurs. This is best exemplified in the success of Don Ressler, the current CEO of Intelligent Beauty. Ressler is an experienced and successful entrepreneur who has an eye for business trends. He is well versed in growing businesses and his resume boasts of a series of successful startups. was his first successful startup, which he later sold to Intermix Media.

The Power of Partnership

Ressler’s business acumen is demonstrative of the value of leverage in the business. Don Ressler has partnered with Adam Goldenberg on a number of successful ventures. After he had sold, Ressler partnered with the then Intermix CEO, Adam Goldenberg and together they founded Alena Media. Alena Media was an e-commerce and advertising division of Intermix on Pando, which raked in hundred millions of dollars in revenue for the company. However, in 2005, Intermix was acquired by News Corp, which totally ignored Alena Media.

Borrowing on each other’s strength in regards to performance advertising online, Don Ressler and his partner created Brand Ideas, which they later on called Intelligent Beauty. Ever since then, Intelligent Beauty has given birth to companies such as DermaStore, which is an online cosmetic and skin care marketplace. There is also Sensa, which is a weight loss system. The third company, JustFab was launched in 2010, and it is a successful subscription e-commerce retailer of fashion. JustFab brands include FabKids, which is a subscription service for children fashion; FabShoes, which is a shoe fashion e-commerce site; and Fabletics, which is an athletic wear e-commerce website.

The success of these online ventures on has not blinded Ressler from the customers who still prefer to do their shopping in physical stores. In answer to this, JustFab has opened numerous flagship stores where their products can be purchased. Apart from just availing the products physically to the customers, Ressler seeks to translate the robust community that they have built online into their stores. In this way, Ressler intends to embody the spirit of each community into their stores’ artwork and design.

Partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions, using the existing technologies is what sums up Don Ressler’s success in business. Together with his partners, Ressler has managed to build a number of successful businesses on the concept of e-commerce. They have come up with online retail solutions that make the shopping experience not just easy, but also stylish and engaging.

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Bank in Dallas Works to Help Local Residents in One of the Most Important Ways

There are many people in Dallas who have always dreamed of owning a home. However, life’s circumstances have made this seem impossible for them. Nexbank wants to change that. Many people mistakenly believe that all the people who work at large corporations only care about their own livelihoods. However, many people who have found success in life have had to struggle at one point or another. Many successful people remember the pain of struggle and the frustration when it seemed they couldn’t accomplish their goals and didn’t know how to get around their situation. People who have not had to struggle before finding success can often still empathize with people going through a negative experience on a human level. It’s easy for them to understand they wouldn’t want to be going through the same thing.

NexBank is a regional Dallas bank that has always cared about the community surrounding it. Because of this, the bank has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity, (a charitable organization that builds homes for residents who cannot afford to buy their own home or who have lost housing due to insurmountable circumstances; and Dallas Neighborhood Homes, (an charitable organization established by Habitat for Humanity to fund mortgage loans for low income Dallas residents).

Officials at all three organizations feel that helping people find homes who otherwise wouldn’t have access to mortgage loans and housing will do a lot to improve Dallas neighborhoods. They feel the program will:

• Introduce diversity into the communities,
• Bring stability into homes and families, and
• Increase awareness of other cultures and ways of life.

In addition, the program will likely increase the property value of the homes in the neighborhood because of the high-quality of the new homes that the builders will construct. So far, Habitat for Humanity has built 1600 homes in Dallas. In addition, the organizational partnership program hopes to put 100 more families in homes over the next 5 years.

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Popular Financial Institution Partners With Nonprofit Organization To Expand Affordable Home Ownership

Recently, NexBank partnered up with a nonprofit mortgage service provider, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, in an effort to expand affordable home ownership in the southern Dallas area. The goal of the program is to provide at least 100 loans or more per year over the course of five years. The loans are for those who are located in specific zip codes in southern Dallas and they have to be considered low-income residents.

NexBank will be providing up to $50 million in loans, and they will pay fees associated with the title, when closings have been completed via their affiliate. They’ll also provide up to $2,000 for closing costs associated with each loan.

About NexBank
NexBank is based in Dallas, Texas, and they are one of the most popular financial institutions in the area. The company provides various products via their three core businesses, which includes investment banking, commercial banking and mortgage banking. NexBank offers their baking services to other financial institutions, as well as corporations and individuals. Their products and services are offered nationwide.

The company has been serving the banking community since 1992, and they offer personal banking solutions such as savings accounts, checking accounts and mortgages. NexBank also offers online banking.

Those who want to learn more about NexBank can visit their website or their nearest branch.

New Zealand The Exact Opposite Of Tax Haven, Says Tax Lawyer Geoff Cone

For those wondering what a tax haven is, you may have images in your head. You may imagine incredibly wealthy white old men smoking cigars talking to lawyers. These lawyers take giant briefcases of money on prop plane flights to foreign countries, such as the Cayman Islands, where they make massive deposits in shadowy banking accounts. At no point are they stopped by border patrol or forced to pay any taxes or levies. And there the money waits until it is passed on to a beneficiary.

You’re not completely wrong if you imagine something like this, says Geoff Cone, a longtime tax lawyer from Auckland, New Zealand. The truth, though, is much more mundane. He continues to explain that tax havens are marked by three separate signatures. First, the country in which you hide your money must not enforce many taxes at all, if any. Secondly, the country needs weak regulation and banking infrastructure that allows for shadowy banking to take place. Lastly and most importantly, he says, the country must actively refuse to communicate with foreign governments in order to obstruct any investigation. These three standards are laid out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD.

OECD generates a list of tax havens every year. New Zealand, says Cone, has never been on this list and he contends that the island nation will never be on the list. It is easy to see why when you look at the three metrics that tax havens are measured on.

New Zealand’s democratic socialist government enforces vibrant banking laws that have the average person in mind. This creates firm oversight and regulation, making it nearly impossible for shadow banking to take place. New Zealand’s government also taxes in order to provide social services for its citizens. In fact, its citizens enjoy some of the best social services in the world and thusly New Zealand taxes foreign trusts at a healthy rate. New Zealand also makes it law that any foreign trust must be registered with paperwork in plain English. The Kiwi government makes that documentation available for any foreign government investigating its citizen’s money.

Cone cements his argument by saying that New Zealand was the first country on OECD’s list for maintaining a gold standard in international transparency. This should put to rest the accusation that New Zealand has become a tax haven for foreign trusts.

Geoff Cone sets up foreign trusts for a living. He graduated from the University of Otago with a postgraduate degree in trusts and tax. He has practiced tax law on both the north and south islands, in Auckland and in Christchurch. He’s been setting up foreign trusts since 1990 and currently runs Cone Marshall in Auckland.

Evolution of the Lip Balm


Lip Balm is defined as a wax-like substance that’s used to alleviate chapped or dry lips, cold sores and inflammation. It comes in the from of a gel where you can use your fingers to apply a small amount to your lips. It can also come as a solid in a lip-stick like tube.

Several ingredients found in Lip Balm include the following:

– Cetyl alcohol- Thickening agent found in creams and lotions/lubricant.
– Lanolin- Wax product derived from sheep.
– Parafin- Lubricant
– Petrolatum (Known as petroleum)- Topical ointment for rashes. It’s also also used in cosmetics.

The addition of more functions

EOS lip balms are different from ordinary lip balms since they can perform additional functions. They’re enriched with natural conditioning oils, shea butter and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. This nourishes lips and creates a soft and beautiful look, not to mention protection against ultraviolet radiation with SPF 15.

The EOS Company is a New-York based company found in New York during 2006. They mainly sell their products in retailer stores, online retailers like and or online website. The lip balm comes in many flavors. Coconut milk, Vanilla Mint, Backberry Nectar and other flavors are available.

Raj Fernando: Not Just a CEO

Raj Fernando founder and CEO of is also the former CEO and founder of Chopper Trading. He actively works in foreign policy and is a expert in technological innovation and international financial markets. He serves on the board of directors for the American Security Project and on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institute. He also currently serves on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Fernando started his career volunteering at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After he graduated from college, he worked his way up to the highest positions. Then worked several trading positions at the Chicago Board of Trade and became founder of Chopper Trading in 2002. In 2004, Raj Fernando made the decision to stop trading full time to work on making Chopper Trading the success it became. Fernando, the CEO managed and designed the most powerful risk management, trading, communications, monitoring and source code security systems in the financial industry.

Over more than a decade, he grew Chopper Trading into one of the largest empires of its kind. Chopper Trading was one of the largest global exchange companies. The company grew to be 250 employees worldwide. The company employed some of the greatest traders and engineers around. In 2015 Chopper sold out to DRW which is a global leader in the industry. Mr. Fernando launched in 2016 This is an internet startup company he developed to deliver trusted information to other individuals and companies. He created this company to increase professional and corporate growth, and productivity.

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Eric Pulier: Success As An Entrepreneur

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to be successful is to be willing to offer something to people. After all, the customers that visit a company do not really care about the company. They care a lot more about what the company has to offer. When they see that the company they are visiting is offering something that they like, then they will buy the product. As a result, the customer will pay the price for the service or product that they are interested in. As a result, the entrepreneur will profit as a bonus from the work that he has put into the company.

Eric Pulier is one of the successful entrepreneurs who think like a customer. In order to start his company, he has looked for an issue to solve for people. Among the people he has helped are children with chronic illnesses. He has understood the struggle and the potential isolation that children face with chronic illnesses, this is why he has put together a social network by the name of Starbright World. This allows children with chronic illnesses to connect together and share their experiences with their illnesses.

With Eric Pulier’s philanthropy, he has also put together some projects in order to encourage other entrepreneurs. As of right now, he serves on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation. He is involved in contests that bring forth inventions that could solve some of the problems that humanity is faced with. When people come up with an invention or a business opportunity that actually provides solutions to problems of humanity, then Eric Pulier will award that contestant with a prize. Pulier also makes donations to various non-profit programs and charities. He has also put together a camp called The Painted Turtle for kids that struggle with chronic illnesses.

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The partnership of Highland Capital Management with the Dallas Foundation

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. He is also the president of the company, which gives advice to investors. It is one of the leading, and it has amassed a lot of experience in the field of management. It is no wonder then James Dondero uses practical approach when it comes to giving charity. He has contributed in providing mostly at local platforms, but the business covers the whole world.

For a long time, Dondero has been supporting initiatives in the community of Dallas. Some of the programs that he has substantially helped are the education sector and public health. He has selflessly worked with The Dallas Foundation, and many organizations such as The Dallas Zoo and The Bush Presidential Library as well as The Perot Museum have benefitted from his humanitarian engagements.

The budget for the organization had grown rapidly and soon it was over $3 million and the growth led to the search of partnership to help in management. The Dallas Foundation emerged. It has a team of experts led by Mary Jalonick who is the C.E.O. The Dallas Foundation is an organization that has been consistently involving itself in charitable work, and that is why it was the best for partnership with Highland Capital Management.

The connection worked well, and they set themselves to come up with strategies to ensure that the work of charity was conducted actually. They, therefore, formed an organization known as The Highland Dallas Organization to give support to the Dallas Foundation.

Dondero uses the approach of providing grants to a charity organization, which a rare phenomenon with today’s business. Such support is beneficial to the charity organizations because they can have enough to continue with the funding.

The Dallas Foundation with the help of James Dondero looked for someone who is experienced in giving guidance to the communities. They employed Linda Owen, who was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of Woodland Rodgers Park Foundation. They hired her so that she can help them in realizing the dreams and visions they had set. Linda Owen has the experience required for the job, and she will work to make the lives of those living in the North Texas better.

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