Raj Fernando: Not Just a CEO

Raj Fernando founder and CEO of Scoutahead.com is also the former CEO and founder of Chopper Trading. He actively works in foreign policy and is a expert in technological innovation and international financial markets. He serves on the board of directors for the American Security Project and on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institute. He also currently serves on the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Fernando started his career volunteering at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After he graduated from college, he worked his way up to the highest positions. Then worked several trading positions at the Chicago Board of Trade and became founder of Chopper Trading in 2002. In 2004, Raj Fernando made the decision to stop trading full time to work on making Chopper Trading the success it became. Fernando, the CEO managed and designed the most powerful risk management, trading, communications, monitoring and source code security systems in the financial industry.

Over more than a decade, he grew Chopper Trading into one of the largest empires of its kind. Chopper Trading was one of the largest global exchange companies. The company grew to be 250 employees worldwide. The company employed some of the greatest traders and engineers around. In 2015 Chopper sold out to DRW which is a global leader in the industry. Mr. Fernando launched in 2016 Scoutahead.com. This is an internet startup company he developed to deliver trusted information to other individuals and companies. He created this company to increase professional and corporate growth, and productivity.

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Eric Pulier: Success As An Entrepreneur

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to be successful is to be willing to offer something to people. After all, the customers that visit a company do not really care about the company. They care a lot more about what the company has to offer. When they see that the company they are visiting is offering something that they like, then they will buy the product. As a result, the customer will pay the price for the service or product that they are interested in. As a result, the entrepreneur will profit as a bonus from the work that he has put into the company.

Eric Pulier is one of the successful entrepreneurs who think like a customer. In order to start his company, he has looked for an issue to solve for people. Among the people he has helped are children with chronic illnesses. He has understood the struggle and the potential isolation that children face with chronic illnesses, this is why he has put together a social network by the name of Starbright World. This allows children with chronic illnesses to connect together and share their experiences with their illnesses.

With Eric Pulier’s philanthropy, he has also put together some projects in order to encourage other entrepreneurs. As of right now, he serves on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation. He is involved in contests that bring forth inventions that could solve some of the problems that humanity is faced with. When people come up with an invention or a business opportunity that actually provides solutions to problems of humanity, then Eric Pulier will award that contestant with a prize. Pulier also makes donations to various non-profit programs and charities. He has also put together a camp called The Painted Turtle for kids that struggle with chronic illnesses.

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The partnership of Highland Capital Management with the Dallas Foundation

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. He is also the president of the company, which gives advice to investors. It is one of the leading, and it has amassed a lot of experience in the field of management. It is no wonder then James Dondero uses practical approach when it comes to giving charity. He has contributed in providing mostly at local platforms, but the business covers the whole world.

For a long time, Dondero has been supporting initiatives in the community of Dallas. Some of the programs that he has substantially helped are the education sector and public health. He has selflessly worked with The Dallas Foundation, and many organizations such as The Dallas Zoo and The Bush Presidential Library as well as The Perot Museum have benefitted from his humanitarian engagements.

The budget for the organization had grown rapidly and soon it was over $3 million and the growth led to the search of partnership to help in management. The Dallas Foundation emerged. It has a team of experts led by Mary Jalonick who is the C.E.O. The Dallas Foundation is an organization that has been consistently involving itself in charitable work, and that is why it was the best for partnership with Highland Capital Management.

The connection worked well, and they set themselves to come up with strategies to ensure that the work of charity was conducted actually. They, therefore, formed an organization known as The Highland Dallas Organization to give support to the Dallas Foundation.

Dondero uses the approach of providing grants to a charity organization, which a rare phenomenon with today’s business. Such support is beneficial to the charity organizations because they can have enough to continue with the funding.

The Dallas Foundation with the help of James Dondero looked for someone who is experienced in giving guidance to the communities. They employed Linda Owen, who was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of Woodland Rodgers Park Foundation. They hired her so that she can help them in realizing the dreams and visions they had set. Linda Owen has the experience required for the job, and she will work to make the lives of those living in the North Texas better.

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Talk Fusion Video Chat Wins the Product of the Year Award

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is the leading all in one video marketing solution that focuses on providing solutions to business competition as well as improving sales and profits in businesses. In addition, it provides businesses with continuity in that it ensures that customers will come back for more. With its persuasive video, Talk Fusion reaches out to offer business entities with engaging and memorable marketing solutions. Its innovative products are promoted in over one hundred and forty countries through independent associates on a person-to-person basis.

The Talk Fusion video chat that allows its users to have a face-to-face communication with everyone in any location and any device is one of the leading products. With its introduction to the market, the video chat is available on iTunes as well as Google Play stores, which make it accessible to millions of users. It is these and many more attributes that pushed Talk Fusion to be the leading communications solutions provider granting its recognition as the 2016 communications solutions product of the year. The recognition is in line with the launch of the free trials and WebRTC Recorder in addition to the TalkFusionInstantPay.com website a fete accomplished within a record under one year.

According to the CEO, the company bases its ambition on innovation and efficiency which as he puts “it is where dreams meet technology.” As hailed by Rich Tehrani who is the CEO of TMC, Talk Fusion is a leader in the industry and represents the highest quality products as well as solutions that are available in the market today. Ryan Page, its CTO, clarifies that integration of processes is critical to the creation of outstanding applications, stamped the same. To assure the market of greater things to come, Bob Reina stresses that the highly talented innovative team has many more enhancements on the way to continue improving the Video Marketing Solution. With more on the way, 2016 has already proven to be the best year to Talk Fusion, which proves to be more of motivation for the company. Talk Fusion is committed to innovative technologies in its future product offering.

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Mr. John Goullet Bettering It Services through the Diversant, LLC

In an official statement, Diversant, LLC announced that John Goullet would join them as the official Principle. Goullet is a seasoned entrepreneur specializing in the IT industry. He has developed a chain of very successful It business ventures.

He started his career as an IT consultant before becoming an IT staffing account executive. Goullet has worked at different IT related companies ever since he graduated from Ursinus College. He founded the Info Technologies Inc. in 1994 and served as its chief executive officer. Info Technologies dealt mainly with the business environment and customers’ IT staffing needs and matching them with the work style, and skill set of the IT consultants.

The firm also majored on providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 corporations throughout the country. In just five years since its inception, Info Technologies grew to a worth of $30 million, placing it at the 8th position in the Inc. Magazine’s listing of the top 500 fast rising Minority-Owned Business Enterprises in the U.S. In 2010, John Goullet merged the Info Technologies with the Diversant Inc to form Diversant, LLC.

Diversant, LLC is a certified private business and is among top IT staffing firms owned by an African-American. Diversant provides multiple accessible IT staffing and products including IT staffing augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, and direct hire. The company offers products that are based on unmatched policies with the aim of satisfying their clients’, affiliates’ and the community’s needs. Diversant uses a consultative approach to solving problems. They involve their clients in solving critical problems.

The accelerated growth of the technology industry has brought a stiff competition for IT experts. Diversant helps businesses procure the right IT talents. The organization employs the appropriate approach to finding experienced professionals who can reliably meet the IT needs of different enterprises. Diversant matches qualified IT experts with appropriate enterprises, where their skills are needed. Through Diversant’s matching process, IT consultants and clients relate in a healthier manner.

Higher Education May Soon Provide Online Reputation Management Courses

Entrepreneur.com is known for providing excellent articles on business. They’ve recently published one that is of exceptional interest to the online reputation management community. A writer at Entrepreneur.com decided to explore the possibility of online reputation management courses offered at the collegiate level. He pointed out that social media and online reputation have changed the face of interactions between employers and employees, as well as people in general. In a charming anecdote, the gentleman noted how his fiancee (whom he met on Tinder) vetted him through social media before they began communicating.

If a Tinder date is willing to go the extra mile in order to verify the authenticity of your personage, why wouldn’t an organization do exactly the same thing? Especially when budgetary resources are on the line through wages, benefits, training, etcetera, it only makes sense that every possible means of ensuring a possible candidate’s fit for the company should be taken. But what many companies don’t consider is that with the level of exactitude they demand from their candidates comes a reciprocal exacting perspective exercised by the public. Just consider Reputation.com for a moment.

It gives people the ability to leave reviews of establishments they’ve frequented. It got popular, everyone wants to give their opinion these days. Bad yelp reviews can tank a business, and many diners, ma-and-pa stores and bed & breakfast facilities simply don’t have the online reputation management skills to fend off negativity. The author of the Enreptreneur.com article noted that a single bad review can plague a business for years on end. With these things in mind, if there isn’t a degree whose center is online reputation management, there ought to at least be a required course. Students need to know that even in private business affairs, modern changes in technology have foisted an entirely novel status on reality. This shift is fundamental on a level advanced as a cart compared against a car. One’s horse-drawn, the other has horse power. The marketing PR of the past has developed into the online reputation management of the future. Colleges should get on board, because that trend seems to be growing.


Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Advantage Plans

Simply defined, Medicare Advantage plans are a form of health insurance, which is passed from Medicare to beneficiaries through private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. The plans offer both parts A and B and are customized to allow users to choose those what best matches with their needs.

Medicare Advantage plans may differ in costs and regulations depending on the region and company you choose. This is like a free platform that cannot be fully regulated by the federal government, so when choosing a plan you need to understand the terms, and, if possible, ask questions.

People want to know the differences between Original Medicare and Medicare advantage. These plans are not very different as there are many similarities that differences. Both have the Part A and B plans and are health insurance plans that enhance cost-effectiveness and convenience in the health system.

What are disadvantages of Medicare Advantage plans?
Owing to the fact Medicare Advantage plans are provided through private companies, there are bound to be disparities in guidelines. The specifics contained in a plan are dependent on the insurance company offering the same. Consequently, you may need high out-of-pocket costs for your plan if you compare it with Original Medicare. Also note the insurance company demands you follow strict rules, failure to which you may lose your right for compensation.

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Who qualifies for enrollment to a Medicare Advantage plan?
To be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan, you need to first enroll in Parts A and B Medicare. Those suffering from end-stage renal disease generally lose eligibility for this type of plan. You also need to ensure you live within the service area in which your preferred Medicare plan is offered.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a Puerto Rico based managed healthcare provider specializing in Medicare Advantage and physician practices. The company is committed to offering high-quality healthcare solutions by coming up with cost-effective procedures that are run through sustainable models. InnovaCare has tried to integrate most of its services with advanced technologies to enhance service delivery and quality of care.

Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D.,MBA, the CEO of InnovaCare, is an important member of the company as his support has gone a long way into ensuring InnovaCare achieves growth and expands its addressable market. Author of clinical medicine articles and a B.S. graduate from the University of California, Dr. Richard Shinto brings to the company exceptional skills and massive experience.

The Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides, can also be celebrated for ensuring InnovaCare is run seamlessly through modern and focused ideas. She has worked with different companies before including Aveta Inc., and she offers over 20 years experience and great management skills.

The Benefits of Using Makari’s Skin Lightning Cream

More and more people are discovering the beauty secrets behind skin lightning creams, often referred to as skin bleaching agents, these creams work in various ways to beautify the skin. Most consumers are under the assumption, based on the description of the product, that by using a skin lightning cream there face what end up being a completely different shade than the rest of their body, this is not entirely true. While the cream does lighten the tone of your skin, the results are not that dramatic. In fact, most people only experience a difference of two or three shades in their skin complexion even with extended use. Contrary to popular belief, skin lightning creams are used by those who wish to fade discolorations or combat signs of aging using advance natural products that are found in Makari’s skin lightening formula.

Acne scars, blemishes and other skin discolorations can cause the skin to have it on even appearance. The darkened areas of hyperpigmentation can take a while to fade. Skin lightning creams work in two different ways to even the tone of the skin and deliver a flawless appearance. First, the cream speeds up the process of cell regeneration. This increases the speed that old skin cells are replace with new skin cells. This in turn helps the discolored skin to disappear as healthy skin cells emerge to the surface. Secondly, the cream brightens the overall tone of the skin so that as new skin cells are produced, their tone is both lighter and brighter. As a result, the tone of the skin is even, radiance and healthy looking.

While the tone of the skin is important, so is the texture and appearance. Even though Makari’s skin lightning cream works to change the skin from the outside, it works to change the skin from the inside as well. Fine lines and wrinkles develop naturally around the eyes and corners of the mouth as we age. Those creases form as a result of the loss of moisture and collagen. Without enough a sufficient amount, the skin does not revert back to its’ original form when stretched and it looses it firmness. Makaris’ lightening cream infuses moisture into the deepest layers of the skin cells, hydrating the cells and restoring their elasticity. This plumps the cells, making the skin appear supple and healthy. The creases and lines in the skin smooth out and disappear, resulting a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Makari’s skin lightning cream is a well known beauty product that will brighten and even the skin tone while eliminating visible fine lines and wrinkles. The secrets to achieving radiant, flawless skin is not in the variety of products. Rather, it rests in the quality of a few and Makari’s skin lightning cream is a must-have for anyone serious about improving the appearance of their skin.

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White Shark Media’s Ad Words campaigns are the best

White Shark Media (WSM) is an ad word expert. According to a review from a DIY consultant from Georgia, WSM’s services have no match out there. According to him, he had been into several other companies, but they frustrated him until he opted to use WSM sieves. In his words, the company has the following advantages.

1. Best use of budget

It is not always that you get enough funds to support a full-blown campaign. Sometimes you are working on a limited budget. According to the client, the team at WSM are trained to utilize the resources optimally.


At first, he thought that his budget was too little to do anything meaningful. But with time, the budget worked. Even at that small budget, they found a way of organizing the campaigns, and the results were amazing.

2. Save time

At WSM, they do not engage in a trial and error gamble with your money. They organize the campaign from the start using a team of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultants. You get to save time, and you start getting results at the right time. Sometimes you know nothing about the Ad Words tracking and terminologies, they help you learn and translate anything technical in the campaign.

3. Timely delivery

It feels good when somebody gives you an assurance that your campaign will be done up-and-running in 3 months. But it feels even better when they keep their word. While most companies focus on landing you as a client, WSM promises a process. One that you can follow through. They keep you updated and in case of delays; you are always the first to know.  Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/
4. Hassle free manager

The client noted that White Shark Media Review team offers personal managers to clients. The managers are well trained and equipped with the right technical capacity to help in setting up the campaign and ensuring that it is constantly monitored. You are not bothered once you get in sync with your campaign.

5. Good responses

White shark media respond to all queries at all times. They operate with a team that engages clients in different time zones. They are always there to comment or even to respond to specifics when it comes to your campaign.

On overall, the client expressed his happiness hat there is a constant flow of quality leads at all times. He also noticed that, eventually, there is no better way of knowing how good a service is unless you try it.

Why Lip Balm is important for your Lips

Many people only view lip balms as a beauty products overlooking its health benefits. This is mainly because lip balms and lipsticks are usually associated with people known to have a high demand for beauty products.

On the contrary, lip balms play important health roles by keeping one’s lips moisturized be it in the winter or summer. On average, people should use lip balms at least once in a day. The number of times you apply a lip balm depends on the nature of your lips. If your lips tend to be drier than normal or if you lick your lips often, then you may need to apply a lip balm several times in a day.

Lip balms may contain natural unflavored products or a concoction of several products blend together to enhance a certain color or taste. Applying lip balm daily is important because lips contain a very thin layer of skin that is vulnerable to adverse weather changes.

There are many lip balm brands that are available on Walmart that serve diverse needs and tastes of customers. One of the popular lip balm brands is Evolution of Smooth (EOS). EOS is an American company that specializes in making beauty products. EOS manufactured lip balms are among the top brands in the world. Check out the company’s Linked In page here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eos-products-evolution-of-smooth

The product is designed for easy application and maximum protection for all type of lips. As such, it is packaged in a classy, easy to use container. It is also meets and exceeds all safety standards making sure that the product applied on a user’s lips, or possibly swallowed, is not a hazard to health.

EOS lip balm has enjoyed an overwhelming reception from customers and even being endorsed by celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff. EOS joined the market in 2009 and has already become the best-selling lip balm in the world. EOS lip balm products are available online, visit Amazon.com or racked.com to purchase.