Relevancy And Ranking In Modern Marketing Strategies

No matter how intriguing your website graphics and promotional offers are, without ranking high in search engine results, nobody will ever see them. That is why careful placement of keywords that relate best to your specific service or product is of the utmost importance. When a potential customer searches online, their search “query” will bring about a list of relevant results within their search engine. The object of the game is to use keywords most relevant to what your company delivers and what customers will be searching for. With proper keyword selection and distribution throughout your website’s text, the search engine ranking system can filter your site and score it higher in relevancy than the rest. For more on the placement of keywords, check out Target SEO keywords.

Many are still under the illusion that only search engine algorithms are scoring sites for ranking and relevancy to search queries. They make the mistake of not having a proper SEO strategy being utilized by a capable team of specialists. The truth is, at the end of the ranking system, there is still the human element. After the algorithms do their work in filtering a site for its relevancy to keyword, a rater makes the final decision. Your site will be put up against another site that has scored equally in rank, where it will then be evaluated and eventually ranked officially. Confusing text and keyword clutter can demote you at this point in the ranking process, for if your site does not seem as relevant as the next being judged, it will pay the price and not get the score you feel it should have. This mistake can lead to a lack of site visitors and sales, making your online venture a wasted opportunity.

Many have entrusted their adword campaigns and content management to White Shark Media with great success. When customer conversion rates increase, the amount invested in attempting to create conversions decreases. For this reason, White Shark Media has become the go-to solution for building an online marketing strategy that works. Not only are clients made happy, but site customers also have their experience made easier by eliminating wasted time searching through services that cannot suit their needs best. Since your customer service is of great importance, being most relevant to what they are looking for not only secures their business now, but also in the future to come.

Investing in Brazil’s Future

When considering to invest, there are two commonly heard pieces of advice for a beginner to the investment marketplace. First, diversify your investment strategy, as much as possible. Second, buckle down for the long term game. This means that stocks are a long term investment, not a day-trade marketplace for most people. The smarter way to build wealth is through picking indexes and long term stocks that are due for sustainable growth. Maintain the diversification ratios that you decide on and slowly change your strategy towards a more conservative approach through the decades. Yes, your investment should be focused on building wealth for decades. Within these important pieces of advice are how to diversify your investments across a global market on You should have at least a percentage of your wealth targeted towards international markets, like Brazil. And there are few investors that understand the Brazilian market better than Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen has been a vocal investor in Brazil for many years, and his sage advice has been harrowed by most experts as sound throughout his time in the spotlight. He has utilized this attention to inform those interested investors and committed followers on not only the best investment strategy for the next month, but also the long term outlook and the breakdown of how to view and analyze the Brazilian economy. His advice academically analyzes Brazil’s largest players, how they determine the financial future of the Brazilian economy, how politicians fit into the mix, how their policies will alter the future of Brazil, and where to diversify your investments in order to maintain a more secure financial outlook. He advises investors about stocks, bonds, securities and currencies including the real. He analyzes the financial outlook of Brazil with a global perspective, focusing on the impacts of China and how the success or failures of China’s economy alters the outlook of Brazil’s sectors of business and investment. Invariably, China’s success determines the success of other middle or low income countries because of the quantity of investment that extends from China, both governmental and from personal funds of successful businessmen in China. The fluctuations of the Brazilian economy that occur because of these Chinese policies and actions are a nuanced and difficult aspect of any investment strategy, however Igor Cornelsen has reduced much of this uncertainty to a science.

Igor Cornelsen has utilized this success to not only gain personal wealth, but to advise everyone on a positive and successful investment strategy. These investments in Brazil are critical towards securing a financial future, including retirement and also by providing capital to allow entrepreneurs to develop and start a new business. His words of wisdom have change the personal wealth and savings of individuals around the globe, and the outlook of the Brazilian economy at large.

The Benefits And Risks Associated With Gold Investment

Gold has been part of the economy for thousands of years now. It is extremely attractive as an asset when the economy appears to be unstable or uncertain. There are risks involved with investing in gold, but that being said, there are still many benefits and people have found great success with investing in gold over the years. It is important to understand this type of investment before taking the plunge. Otherwise, you can experience a pretty big loss of money if your investments lose their value.

How It Is Valued
While other investment options provide interest and dividends, gold really has no typical valuation. Gold is priced based on the supply that is currently available as well as the demand that is present on a national as well as global level. Really, it is all about guesswork. While you can invest in gold when it is very affordable and then wait for it to peak in cost before you sell, you can time the entire process wrong and lose some money.

Keep Things Diverse
If you are interested in a number of different investment opportunities, then gold may be one to consider. You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to gold investment. If you also invest in stocks, bonds, etc. then you might be a good candidate for gold investments. Also, consider gold coins and other items that carry a bit of a unique element to them in addition to being made of gold.

When you invest in gold, keep in mind that it may take many years for you to make any money. If you are patient with your investments are not necessarily looking for a quick turnaround, then gold can be successful for you. It is also a good investment opportunity that can be passed on to future generations.

In general, the gold market rises and falls just like any other investment. Before you invest, you might want to think about the reasons you are interested in gold and consider the risks involved with gold investment. If you are ok with the potential risks, then it might be time to look into the U.S. Money Reserve. This is the type of expert guidance an information that you will need in order to be successful with your gold ventures and investments.

Citadel’s Success Is Attributed to Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin is one of the richest men in America with a networth estimated at about $6.6 billion, and he’s also the CEO and founder of Citadel. Ken has always stuck to what he knows. During his freshman year at Harvard he read his very first investment article, and he’s been an unstoppable force in the financial world since then. During his second year at the school, Ken obtained capital from various friends and family, including money from his grandmother, and he started his very first hedge fund which he ran out of his dorm room. Ken was so dedicated to making his hedge fun a success that he paid for and installed a satellite connection in his dorm room, and he was then able to receive market information in real time, and this was in the 1980s. It was this dedication and foresight that allowed Ken to not only keep the capital in his hedge fund, but he also made money during the crash of the stock market in 1987. Due to that event and his overall success with his first fund, Ken was able to start a second fund, and before his graduation from Harvard, Ken was managing over $1 million in assets.

When he graduated from Harvard in 1989, Ken began a business partnership on with Frank Meyer. Frank was the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC, and like Ken, he was also an investor. Frank gave Ken $1 million to invest, and he was not disappointed. Ken was able to surpass all of Frank’s expectations, and according to the New York Times, he was able to provide a 70% return on that $1 million investment which is almost unheard of especially considering he’d just graduated that same year with a degree in economics. It is assumed that he took home quite the purse from Frank’s investment as well considering the following year in 1990 he used $4.6 million to found Citadel.

Citadel is an alternative asset management firm that was started in 1990, and it’s grown to be a literal giant in the financial world in present day. Just eight years after Ken founded Citadel, the firm had over 100 employees, and it was managing over $1 billion in capital. Due to the success of Citadel, Ken was placed in CFO Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the field of financing.

Present day Citadel, which use to go by the name of Citadel Investment group, is one of an elite 3% of hedge funds that has lasted over 20 years, and it’s also an international financial institution. It now employees over 1400 people, and it’s based out of Chicago with offices in all over the world including Asia, Europe and scattered offices across North America. In 1998, it managed $1 billion in assets which is impressive enough, but now it handles over $26 billion in assets for retail and institutional clients. It’s known to be a market maker, and it trades in various products. Citadel has many more years of success ahead of itself too.

How To Improve Search Engine Optimization

Correctly selecting the keywords that will net the most searches from internet users, and act as the optimal search engine tool is difficult. In fact, there is a whole field of businesses dedicated to search engine optimization, usually shortened to the acronym SEO. There are various different approaches that businesses and advertisers can take to SEO, but there are a few guidelines that all approaches and methods should follow.

Whatever you decide to write about, make sure to condense the main idea of the article into less than three words? Is the article about painting a home? “Home painting,” or “house painting.” What about trying to find a local doctor? “Doctors near me,” “local doctors,” or “highest reviewed doctors” are all sufficient key words.

There are various programs online that allow people to look at the most searched keywords and phrases, which allows advertisers to find the most commonly used word or phrase that pertains to or is closely associated with the topic at hand.

Never, ever place keywords in an advertisement, blog post, or article that do not fit naturally. This is called “stuffing,” and almost always defers potential customers or viewers from clicking on that link. Much better results are achieved from properly placing keywords or phrases in an article, when the desired words are inserted naturally into a sentence, rather than jammed in the entirety of an article that makes absolutely no sense to readers.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in serving medium and small businesses. White Shark was founded in 2011, but is currently one of the fastest growing companies of its kind. The company offers SEO improvement, consultation, web development, and virtually anything related to SEO. White Shark Media can be found at, along with their contact information.

Place the keywords in the article, but make sure the keywords fit naturally. The title is one of the most important things about an advertisement or piece of literature. The title is one of the first things that visitors will look at, and a good or bad title can literally make or break someone staying on that page, or clicking the “back” button and finding something else to look at.

Make sure to reword the keyword or phrase multiple different ways in the article, but stick to using that keyword as the main word or collection of words. If someone sees that the article is chock-full of one word, there stands a pretty good chance of that person bouncing from the website.

Source: White Shark Blog

A Brief Reap On QI’s Press Release

Entrepreneurship is one of the growing trends in the world today and the demand for entrepreneurial skills is currently on the high. As a result, big names in the industry have emerged including Joseph Bismark. Bismark has been in the industry for years and he has gathered a wealth of experience. In his successful career, he has established himself as a great business man and a prudent investor. He is known for his various business engagements including the establishment of the QI Group which is a globally acclaimed conglomerate. He co-owns the company with other major partners and he has been very instrumental in effecting changes in the company’s strategic plans.

One of his greatest intervention in the company’s operation is the diversification strategy. He has been very adamant that dealing with products from different and divergent industry is a good way to cushion the company from the effects of failure in a particular industry. He initiated the ground breaking online marketing strategy that has seen the company registering tremendous growth in the last few years. He has been very instrumental in making the company grow and his expertise in the marketing industry has been very useful in building the company’s strategic structure.

The company recently released a press brief that showed to the public the internal situation of its progress. According to the press brief, the company has brought in a new brand ambassador to represent its products on the global front. Martina Hingis, a sports personality was the lucky beneficiary of these rare chance and he was equally excited about it just as the company the company was. Martina Hingis said in his acceptance speech that he was honored to be given the opportunity to represent one of the most globally respected companies and that he was ready to make good use of the opportunity.

This even was happening in the middle east where the annual celebrations where taking place. Every year, the company celebrates and acknowledges its success in style by celebrating the moment. This year, the festivities took place in the UAE and during the announcement of the new brand ambassador, approximately 10,000 guests were in attendance. This year’s celebrations marked 17 years of service in the online marketing business and the company was proud to have reached such milestone. The company’s protest seem to be great in the near future especially judging by the growth of ICT on global scale.


Source: BusinessWire

Beneful Is Made For Dogs Who Lack Energy

Anyone would find it strange if a dog is told to fetch a stick, and after the stick is thrown the dog simply looks at its owner as if they’re crazy. The dog doesn’t run after the stick, the dog doesn’t do anything, but the dog simply lays there. A pet owner would think that something is wrong with their dog if they were not interested in any kinds of physical activity, and they may even feel the need to take them to a veterinarian to see what the problem is. This is not something that’s normal for a dog, and it’s unlikely that a pet owner will see their dog disobey a direct order unless something is wrong.

A dog normally does what they are told, but some dogs may have problems when it comes to joining in certain activities on, especially if they are tired. A dog can be tired for several reasons, and the biggest reason may be because they lack energy, but why are they energy deficient? Humans derive energy from the food that they consume as well as the exercise they give their body on a regular basis. Those who tend to sit around the house all day and only get up to go to work may lack energy.

The most energetic persons are the ones that exercise regularly, eat properly, and nourish their bodies with sleep. Dogs are very similar to humans, and they need good food, exercise, and efficient sleep to be energetic. If a dog is slow or resistant when it comes to playing around, then it’s a good idea to check into the dog’s energy levels. The dog may just be tired of fetching the stick, and it may be a better idea to try something different. If the dog shows some interest in fetching the stick, but they are slow to retrieve it, energy could be the crisis.

It’s easy to boost a dog’s energy, especially if the pet owner is serious about it. Any pet owner that sees their dog lacking energy will first need to look at the food they are feeding their dog. Dogs have to have good food, and the food can give them the energy they need to do everything, including exercising each day. Dogs should eat Beneful, and eating Beneful can easily give them much needed additional energy. Allowing a dog to have enough sleep each day as well as exercising them will give them more energy.

Those that are interested in giving their dogs more energy should try feeding their dog Beneful for a minimum of a week or two to see if it will increase their energy levels. Changing from a different dog food over to Beneful may be what’s needed to give a dog the energy that they are lacking as well as getting them more interested in exercising again. Exercising a dog doesn’t have to only be walking, the dog can fetch a stick or retrieve a ball, then they can get the exercise that they need.

Skout Is The Online Dating App For Me

I feel like the vast majority of us are looking for one thing. That one thing is love. Love is what songs are written about. Love is what movies are made about. Love is what they say makes the world go round. It’s so hard to find love though. It’s very frightening to simply walk up to someone and start up a conversation. We don’t know if someone is interested. We don’t know if someone is married. We just don’t know. Online dating takes the guess work out. There are so many different online dating apps out there, however, and sometimes it can be hard to choose the best one. I have found one that works for me.

Skout on techcrunch is a super simple app. I don’t like anything too complicated where I have to study it in order to figure it out. Skout is the app for me. It has a very simple and easy interface. I simply log in by using either my Facebook or Google account. Then, the fun begins. I can browse through thousands upon thousands of profiles. I can look through pictures and see if anyone catches my eye. If they do, I can chat with them. All the people who have started conversations with me are listed in one easy line. I can switch back and forth between all of them. I can also wink at people to show that I’m interested as well.

Through Skout, I am able to meet people all over the world. I’m not confined to certain areas or certain zip codes. I love that about Skout. I feel that love knows no boundaries and can be found almost anywhere. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where the person is. If two people feel the connection enough, they can make it work.

Skout isn’t just about finding love. It’s about friendships as well. Not only can I view peoples profile pictures but I can also view what they are doing. I can see updates from people about what they like and dislike or what they are doing at any given time. I truly feel like I’m just looking at my friends sometimes. There is such a large variety of users on Skype. Not only am I able to see their pictures but I’m also able to see their ages. This is great because I feel that it helps to keep me safe. I know exactly who I’m talking to and what I’m getting myself into.

Overall, Skout has been a wonderful way for me to open myself up to the possibility of love. Behind my computer screen, I feel like I’m more free to be me. I can say exactly what’s on my mind and if they don’t like it then they don’t have to talk to me anymore. I am completely at ease when I’m using this app. There are no hidden gimmicks or fees with this app, either.

Environmental Law; a Step into the Right Direction

The environment is everybody’s responsibility but it seems a majority of the people don’t take keen care of it. Quite often, people throw waste and nylon papers all over turning almost the entire earth surface into a big dumping site. Sadly enough, they do so without apologies. Then the next time a story about the environment comes up is when the same people start complaining of foul smell all over and how the environment is really wasted. Furthermore, the government is also mentioned amidst those complains as having delegated its duties.

It is at this exact point where Environmental laws, which is a network of several laws that govern and protect the environment from activities of the humans, come in. This tries to shield the environment from unwarranted abuse from humans.

Several people have also come up to help reinforce the law and protect the environment and also protect other human beings from being exploited as result of the environment. One such individual is Mr. Frans Schoeman, the Director at Phatsima Diamond firm which is a law firm operating from Bellvile in South Africa. His achievements as well score him as the best candidate for the job. Frans Schoeman on has two degrees from the same university; B. Proc. Law and B. Proc. UOFS, Law from University of Free State. Both achieved between 1987 and 1990.

He is also involved in several law related jobs and had worked for law firms all across his career. This means he has garnered a lot of experience. Currently, he is also the Legal Director at Mintster Consulting firm besides Phatsima Diamond. Previously, he worked as the Attorney at Hofmeyr Herbstein and Gihwala Inc. from the year 1999 to 2000.

Under this broad category “the Environmental Law” lays more specific subjects which are the regulatory factors. Below is an in depth look at some of these regulatory subjects.

Impact Assesment.

Here a prediction is made regarding a plan policy or project to be carried out at a place. For instance, the negative and positive predictions are made regarding at tower to be constructed. This ensures proper measures are carried out to protect the environment.

Air Quality

The law controls the air pollutants that are released into the air and in most cases here it is to protect the human beings. Harmful air is dangerous to humans and the ozone layer.

Water quality

This is a lot similar like air quality. The law protects mostly human health and sea animals. This is done by regulating the amounts of waste being directed to water bodies and also govern industries that manufacture and sell drinking water.

Managing Waste

This law is equally important since it protects solid waste from being disposed all over the place but to have designated location to be disposed off. This law is greatly responsible in the transportation, treatment, storage and disposal of this waste.

Chemical laws

This protects humans from using the industrial made chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The law gives power to ban; this chemicals. This majorly involves pesticides.

An Insight into Environmental Law

Over the years, there has been a propelled careless use of environmental resources with people oblivious to the potential repercussions such actions could bring to them and global as a whole. People have increased use of chemical substances and forms of energy such as noise, heat or light and comprising the sound state of the environment. The recent outcry of increased temperature globally and projected increase have instilled fear in the human race. It means that in the future, the environmental state will be unbearable to live. In fact, the human race is facing a danger of extinction should the trend in the degradation continue like this. It has compelled the world states and the environmental organizations to move into action and combat the activities impacting negatively on the environment. It has been made possible through the formulation of environmental laws.

When referring to the environmental law, one is primarily talking about a common terminology explicating a system of conventions statutes, guidelines, and general and customary laws addressing the effects of human action on the natural environment. Issues such as global warming, depletion of oil coal and pollution of air water and soil are handled.

Primarily, environmental law is divided into two major categories, pollution control, and environmental remediation. The origin of authority for these laws are extracted from numerous sources and are highly influenced by various conventions that pertain to issues such as the reduction of greenhouse discharge, outlawing the exploitation of endangered species and banning activities that pose danger to the environment. These laws also have relevance to tax laws in the form of inducements for actions intended to impact positively on the environment like fuel efficient vehicles and solar panels.

Violations of these laws are handled in a civil way. There has been changing trend in many states in the world about punishment for those violating the environment laws. It has led to criminalizing activities that appear to be devastating to the environment. Law firms have fully embraced and recognized the seriousness of the issue. In South Africa, law many law firms have begun to offer professional legal assistance to cases about environmental law. It has led to prison time for people violating the protected laws.

An example of a law firm in South Africa offering legal assistance to environmental law is Phatsima Diamond a law firm located in Bellville South Africa and headed by Frans Schoeman. The firm is adequately equipped with prolific legal knowledge and experience to provide robust legal advice and solution. The legal expertise of the firm is something to talk about with personal experience of more than 35 years. Frans Schoeman himself has been in practice for 21 years now. The University of the Free State Graduate has provided proficient legal assistance to many people with a large client base comprising of listed and unlisted companies both international and domestic. The recent arbitration award articulating to R120 million attests the company’s ability to handle legal situations effectively. It also offers quality professional engagement to their clients. Apart from the environmental law they also offer legal assistance to over 20 other areas of expertise administrative law and insolvency among them.